London Life
2020-04-29 23:00:08 (UTC)

Lockdown birthday

My lockdown birthday. We stayed in bed for ages, cuddled on the sofa, then watched PMQs. Keir Starmer's questions to Raab (Johnson's girlfriend's had a baby) were a bit long, because of his anxiety to give the Government credit where due. We also saw the Foreign Minister's Questions, then went for a casual walk, without the usual daily time-pressure to get back to work - we'd taken the day off.

Jack bought me some curling tongs as a present, especially needed as I haven't had my hair done for nearly three months. Elina got me a Chris Ward running watch, because using my phone to time my runs and pace has given some odd results lately.

We actually bought a coffee (and some vegan spinach pies), which we haven't been doing while the coffee shops have been closed, sat in the park and drink it while chatting - we felt able to do this without guilt as the drizzle had kept most people away. We walked past the zoo and watched a camel being reluctantly walked in circles, a tiger unhappily pacing up and down, and a couple of gibbons swinging around.

We spent a long time looking at the view from Primrose Hill, picking out buildings nearby as well as in the City, Stratford and Canary Wharf, and also sat in Chalcot Square. We were out for five hours. It was the best birthday I could have had under the circumstances.

I had a Zoom chat with Abi, Ben, Katie and Rachel. Rosie Liz and Sally couldn't make it (and thankfully, no sign of Paul). Ben doesn't think the g/runs will re-start until November. In the morning, I had to search for the Barclays gadget so I could pay the company buildings insurance. I haven't looked at the company email for ages, and yesterday I ignored several calls on the landline until Ian got hold of me on my mobile phone. The payment is due by the 30th. The company email footer shows an old mobile number.

I'm almost wondering how we usually cope with the complexities of daily life - arranging where and what time to meet, what bus or tube we have to get, whether we've got the online tickets, then next morning remembering what we're doing that night, arranging clothes for work and going out, booking future events and travel, packed lunches, etc etc. The only complication these days is trying to keep up with the washing up - and failing.