from my heart
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2020-04-29 21:53:44 (UTC)

5:53 ..

5:53 pm

today i woke up at around 12. im honestly proud even though its pretty late cause id always wake up at 3 pm. it feels good to have time to talk with reed and do things during the three hours. i played minecraft with reed and this girl named olive.

olive is so sweet and kind. shes so fricking cute lmfao. anyways im feeling drained out of talking to so many people though. even though its just online i feel a lot of the energy i have draining away.

im also starting to feel anxious again because ive been slacking off on school work. i really need to catch up on these things but im so lazy. jinsol said she wanted to play minecraft at 8 so im probably going to have to get as much work done as i can in this period of time. i guess i should be happy that this is a reason as to why i should be productive.

idk why but im feeling so tired right now thought lol.