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2052-01-28 14:29:43 (UTC)

Rolan X Maris: Part 2:

Rolando x Katerina
Rolando x Dani
Rolando x Alexa
Rolando X Fretz
Rolando x Maris
Rolando X Camila

(from 07-21-2017-01-11-2018):
07-21-2017: 2nd in love Sight:
Kate: Rolan!
Rolando: Hey Katie!!!
Kate: Katerina!
Rolando: Oh sorry!
Gerry: So you are gonna date Redona?
Katerina: Yeah you are right. (opens the locker, gets books, closes)
07-23-2017: Beach Bonding:
Rolando: Go Kate! Hit with the best shot!
Kate: I am playing the beach volleyball with you.
07-24-2017: 8:20am:
Rolando: Sup Kate.
Kate: (stares at him)
07-25-2017: Taking Care of Kate:
Kate: You met my sister Abby?
Rolando: Yeah I did.
07-27-2017: Kate at PE:
(Rolando watches Kate running the lap)
08-08-2017: Well Kate, He's cheated on you:
Rolando: Kate, wait up!
Kate: What? I have the study room. But I need to wait.
Rolando: Well Kate, Esteban is cheated on you.
Kate: Just shut up.
08-14-2017: Grades are finally in:
Rolando: How was life?
Kate: Don't ask me.
08-28-2017: Cheated Esteban:
Rolando: Why did you break up with Esteban?
Kate: He's with another Girl.
Rolando: (rolls eyes)
09-01-2017: Baila Baila Kate!:
(Kate enjoys Dancing)
Rolando: (hug)
Kate: (hug)
09-07-2017: How do you know my birthday?
Rolando: How do you know my bday?
Kate: Next Thursday!
Rolando: Oh yeah my bday!
10-11-2017: Working together:
(Jose x Kate are still Working)
10-13-2017: Whiteouts
Rolando: (👋)
Dani: 👋
10-14-2017: Haunted House:
Monse: Dani, where's Katie?
Dani: She hates ghosts, but she is not coming.
Monse: Okay.
Dani: She got the Shift job ready
Rolando: Food?
Dani: Yes, thank you.
10-16-17: Unstoppable:
Dani: Everything got very immortal
Rolando: What about it?
Dani: Suspension
Rolando: (hug)
10-18-2017: Jealous:
(Dani Crying)
Rolando: I am so sorry about my girl.
Dani: What? It's okay.
10-20-2017: Jose x Dani:
Jose: Thank you Daniela.
Dani: I know.
Rolando: Dani. Let's go.
Dani: Okay.
10-22-2017: Alexa got mad at Esteban:
Esteban: Why are you here?
Alexa: Umm I was invited.
Esteban: No you are not invited.
Rolando: Alexa, let's go now.
Alexa: (lets go out of your hand) Wait. So, are you gonna invite me to your birthday party or not, because Rolando bought us here?
Esteban: (shakes no)
Alexa: (scoffs) Slut like you!
10-23-2017: Alexa got disappointed:
(Alexa sees Esteban and his girlfriend together)
Rolando: Alexa, leave them alone, come on, we have to get your breakfast in school.
Alexa: (rolls eyes)
10-24-2017: Alexa shares the high five:
Rolando: (hi five)
Alexa: (hi five)
10-26-2017: Alexa is still not listening:
(Alexa cries in the middle room alone)
(At School: Alexa tries to leave Rolan alone)
Rolando: (knocks on the door) Alexandra!
(cut to):
Alexa: (stands up, and opens the door for you) What?
Rolando: You okay?
Alexa: (crying, hugs)
Rolando: (hugs back)
(Alexa slaps Esteban for notice)
(Alexa's house)
(Alexa crying, and she starts throwing her frame, her Vase, and also the lamp, and she just got the vodka alone)
Mom: Alexa! You are gonna throw up.
Alexa: Mama, my work is still hate me, and fixed it.
Mom: Alex it's okay.
10-27-2017: Cannot date Alex:
Rolando: She needs to be separated
Alexa: Look, my teacher sent me the document.
Rolando: Alex Alex!
(Alexa slams the door)
10-31-2017: Witch Alexa:
Rolando: Is that your Witch Hat?
Alexa: Umm yeah it is Rolan, my mama gave it to me.
Rolando: Your mom?
Alexa: Yes.
11-06-2017: Old Middle School Photos:
Rolando: (signs Alex's middle school yearbook)
Alex: Is that my Face mark on my photo day in 2013?
Rolando: Yeah, actually that's even cuter.
Alex: Mmhm
11-07-2017: Tears In Heaven:
Rolando: Wait Alex, did you like Esteban?
Alex: Yeah?
Rolando: You can't date him.
Alex: Great.
Esteban: Babe? Wanna go?
Alex: Umm no thanks.
Rolando: Wait, you need to take my Current girlfriend?
Esteban: No.
Rolando: Okay bro take care.
11-08-2017: It's too complicated:
Esteban: (kisses your lips) Love u too
Alexa: Okay babe.
Rolando: Alex!
Alexa: Umm Coming!
Esteban: Alexandra? What about me?
Alexa: Yeah, go!
11-09-2017: Alex can't take my eyes off you:
Rolando: Wanna go to Italy on Fall break?
Alexa: Sure.
11-13-2017: Alex and Rolando/ First Boyfriend:
(Dance Class: Dance Room)
Alexa: Girls Break Time!
Andrea L: Okay Take your time tho
Daya: See you in Class.
Alexa: Okay.
(phone Chimes)
(the rest of the dancers are exiting)
(Locker Room/Girls Room):
Alexa: (texts Rolan: Okay, Sure! :)) (opens the locker, gets my school clothes, closes the locker, and takes my backpack, and puts the deodorant on, and also the makeup too)
(Alexa's Dancers are exiting in the Locker Room)
(School: Period 2:)
(school bell rings)
(Alexa is walking to class late)
Alexa: (screaming)
Rolando: Alex, you okay? (fixes your backpack)
Alexa: Yeah, am I your boyfriend still?
Rolando: Yes!
Alexa: (squeals) I will talk to Esteban!
Rolando: Wait Alex! Slow Down!
Alexa: Esteban?
Esteban: Hmm?
Alexa: Rolando is mine, sorry.
Esteban: Oo!
Katie: She hates you! (slaps you)
Rolando: Let's go to your 2nd class!
Alexa: Yeah
Katie: Sure.
(Nutrition Break: Alexa and Rolan are kissing, after that Esteban is jealous)
Alexa: Thank you.
Rolando: You're welcome.
(They kissed again)
Rolando: Umm Alex, may I have the secret?
Alexa: What happened?
Rolando:(whispers to your ear) He dumped you a while ago, when he is with another girl.
Alexa: Oh my god! Seriously, because he dumped me a while ago, when I was upstairs with you, especially Torres. Then Torres gave me the drink last night when I am off to class.
11-14-2017: Selos again/ Alexa ruins Esteban's Date:
Rolando: Alex?
Alex: (jealous about Esteban and Corrine are seeing together)
Rolando: Let's go.
Sam: Leave Esteban alone for now.
Alexa: Okay.
(ruined Esteban's Date Clip)
(At Esteban's House: We seen Esteban and Corrine are in love again, but Alexa feels sad for the date, and she is outside)
Rolando: Alex, why are you crying? (hugs)
Alexa: Esteban decided to love me, but I said no.
Rolando: Here, let Oscar stay in the car.
Alexa: Umm that's fine.
(Esteban enters)
Esteban: You coming?
Oscar: Leave Alexa alone please. She doesn't want to talk to you.
Esteban: Okay.
Rolando: (shoves you) Can you please do not talk to her?
Glenn: Bro, get in the car, or else Alexa got punished.
Rolando: Shut up Glenn, I'm talking to Esteban.
Oscar: Glenn, is Alex have the date?
Glenn: Not really.
Torres: Esteban, you have to go inside your house.
(Esteban shoots Alexa)
Rolando: Alex!
Sabrina: Alex, are you okay?
(Alexa's chest bleeds, and she faints)
Rolando: I think she will take the hospital.
Sabrina: Just gave me a break Rolando! What do you mean?
Rolando: I don't even care Sabrina!
11-15-2017: Bonding:
Alexa: Ina, thank you for the Cupcakes.
Ina: Appreciate it!
Katie: Alex, I posted on Instagram
Ina: Katie! What happened to Esteban?
Katie: My sister cheated Esteban.
Ina: Aww so sad about your sister, is she okay?
Katie: Yeah.
Alexa: No worries, Rolando is mine!
Geri, Audrey and Ina: (squealing) Congrats!
Alexa: Thank you!!!
11-16-2017: Beautiful In White/You Scared Me:
(Alexa starts turning on the music)
(Rolando and Alex are started to dance in the balcony)
Rolando: I'm sorry to get punished about your old boyfriend
Alexa: That's okay, just keep waltzing.
Rolando: Alright.
(they kissed again)
You Scared Me Clip:
At Alexa's House: Upstairs in the main hallway, Rolando rushes Alexa's bathroom:
Rolando: (knocks on the bathroom door) Lexa!
Alexa's Bathroom:
Alexa: (wraps my towel all over my body) (opens the door) What the hell are you scared me?!
Rolando: I just got home from school, and you are still in the bathroom playing bubbles? Alex! That's it! I will never gonna bring the house.
Alexa: No Rolando, don't! My mom is gonna be mad!
(Fawn enters, and she has the laundry Basket when she was holding)
Fawn: Alexandra! How was your school?
Alex: Mom, Rolando scared me!
Fawn: No he didn't scared you. It's just your boyfriend!
Alex: Okay.
11-17-2017: Alex enjoys her reading:
(Alexa starts reading her magazine again)
Rolando: (winks)
Alexa: (winks back)
11-18-2017: Alex and Rolando are going to Italy:
Mom: Have fun!
Alex: Thanks mom.
(London to Italy)
Alex: (writes the Italy Abroad To do List)
Rolando: The Houses are super pretty.
Alexa: Thank you so much. Hopefully our Italy is ours.
11-20-2017: Italy Event:
Alexa: This is it.
Rolando: Yes, This is it for the charity ball.
Alexa: I know, we need to go back in London.
11-27-2017: Rolando got the fight again:
Rolando: Esteban, you see this picture of my girlfriend got murdered yesterday? I saved her first. Now you choked my girlfriend.
(Rolando starts the fight again, and all students are shouting and cheering, then Alexa Walks by seeing Rolando and Esteban are fighting again)
Andrea L: Alex. Let's get out of here.
11-28-2017: The fight event:
Alexa: What if we missed the fight event?
Rolando: I don't know Alex, just be still!
Alexa: Just let me go out! I have the back ache going on.
Rolando: You don't have to watch the fight
Alexa: Right.
11-29-2017: Alexa got jealous again:
Alexa: Rique? Let it be.
Rique: Shh!
Rolando: No way. (kisses again)
Rique: Marriage?
Alex: We already married!
Rique: I know Alex. Not easy as simple.
(Lonche is over)
(Esteban and Corrine are holding hands)
Alexa: (Screaming, goes inside for the class)
Katie: Alex! What's wrong?
Rolando: I think they dumped them.
Alexa: Babe! Esteban is lesbian!
11-30-2017: Alex got upset about Esteban:
Esteban: Bye Corrine
(Alexa got jealous)
Corrine: Bye.
(Corrine gets in the bus)
Corrine: Not Alexa.
Rolando: Shut up.
Esteban: Shut the fuck up Redona. I don't care.
Rolando: Alexa is nice. So please do not messed up with her.
(Rolando and Esteban got in a fight again)
Alex: Rolando! That's enough! (crying)
Rolando: Stay away with my girlfriend!
Alex: Rolan! Please! don't fight again! Let him go now!
Rolando: Why did you choose Alex?
Esteban: She's fake.
Rolando: No she is not.
Alexa: Redona! You are going to the main office because you picked a fight and start wrestling each other between me and Esteban. Huh! How dare you.
(Alexa's House: Living Room)
Rolando: Alex Lexa!
Alexa: Redona, you got the bruise, I will get some of the ice pack.
Rolando: No it's okay.
12-01-2017: Esteban gets Grounded:
Alex: Te quiero mucho!
Rolando: Yo Tambien Te Quiero.
Alexa: Just kiss me!
Rolando: I'm sick!
Alexa: Holy shit!!!!
(Alex's house: Kitchen)
Alex: I love him, by the way
Mom: Okay, as soon as he doesn't break up.
12-02-2017: Date Night Gone Wrong:
Rolando: Alex, do you need something to drink?
Alexa: Umm no thank you, but I need glass of water.
Rolando: Waiter, can you get some water for Alex?
Waiter: Okay, what kind of size of your cup mam?
Alexa: Small.
Waiter: Okay coming right up.
Rolando: Seriously Alex, you have your lobster soup, and also your dinner rolls. Amazing treat.
Alexa: Well thanks by the way.
(Esteban Enters as sees Rolan and Alexa are enjoying the dinner date)
Alexa: What the hell.
12-03-2017: Breakfast with Redonas:
Mama: So, Rolando? How was school? How was Alex?
Rolando: Good, but she was cute a while ago, and she was awaken by 7:30am in the morning.
Mama: Oh how cool for her.
12-04-2017: I love u 2.
Alex: Love u Rolando!
Rolando: Love you too Alexa.
Alex: Don't let the slap fight with Esteban!
Rolando: *middle finger*
12-05-2017: Karla vs Alexa/ Alexa gets upset with Karla:
(opens the door)
Alexa: Rolando, I have a surprise for you!
Karla: Alex, what are you doing here?
Alexa: Karla, would you please back off my Ass?
Karla: Rolando, we're break up right now, because of Alexa.
Rolando: Why? You lied to her?
Karla: Alexa dislikes me. She was the worst girl all alone.
Rolando: Alex, I am so sorry to kiss my older girlfriend.
Alexa: Look Karla, you are very ugly about me. Even my fake sister.
Katie: Alexa, let's go now.
(Alexa exits that day)
Rolando: Alex.
At School: Classroom: Math Class:
(Karla and Rolando are making out)
(Alexa enters)
Alexa: No!!!!
Rolando: Alexa, what's wrong?
Alexa: You cannot date Karla.
Rolando: Karla, get your hands off me!
Karla: (slaps Alexa in the face)
Alexa: (upset look)
12-06-2017: Happy Affair:
(Alexa and Rolando are starting doing the Heart pose)
12-07-2017: Esteban attacks Redona/ Fawn takes care of Redona:
Alexa: Ummm babe. This is so beautiful about the environment. How about some Assignment?
Rolando: Umm I am good. (kisses on your nose)
Alexa: Felt the same way.
Rolando: Karla hate me each other.
Alexa: Oh my god, is she with her ex boyfriend Cantu?
Rolando: Yes.
(Esteban enters for the reason)
Rolando: What?
Alexa: Babe, don't listen to him. Please.
Rolando: Shh! Esteban, you have to leave us alone.
Esteban: I will speak to Alex.
Rolando: Do not listen to her.
Alexa: Babe please just let him be!
Rolando: Alex just stop. You know what, You need to send to the trash talk and what happened to Alexa.
Esteban: Rolando, I didn't meant to, it was Alex.
Alex: That's what you get! Huh? I dare you.
Oscar: Alex, can I hold this stuff for you?
Alexa: Sure!
(Oscar gets Alex's things, and he exits)
Alexa: Babe, can you please stop explaining to him?
Rolando: Alex hold on. Leave Alex Alone!
Esteban: Shut the f*** up! (Attack)
(Rolando starts to attack Esteban)
Alexa: (screaming) Rolando! No!!! No!
(all students are cheering about Rolando attacking Esteban, and Alexa crying)
Principal: Redona, and Esteban what's going on?
Alexa: They're fighting each other because of the boyfriend decision.
Principal: Esteban, in my office now!
(Esteban exits)
Principal: You okay Redona?
Rolando: Yeah I am fine.
Alexa: We have to leave!
Principal: You may go ahead to you too.
(Principal Exits)
Rolando: Babe, let's go now!
Alexa: Okay. (gets my backpack, and runs into the 411 classroom)
(school bell rings)
(Alexa's house: Master Living Room: Fawn is putting the medicine for the forehead to Redona)
Alex: Mom, Esteban attacked my babe for the first time. And this is the second part of the attacking and violated and violence to each other. And He just bullied Esteban.
Mom: Alex, your boyfriend just attacked your ex.
Alex: Okay. (holds your hand)
12-08-2017: Alexa does not want to apologize to Esteban:
School: World History Class: Alexa just finished her test:
World History Teacher: Thank you Alexa. Just wait for the 1 hour.
Alexa: Okay.
(Alexa's phone gets very silent)
Alexa: (texts Esteban: Just go away right now, because I already dine my world history test) (sighs)
Rolando: Alex?
Alexa: Yeah?
Rolando: Umm Esteban does not want to apologize to you.
Alexa: Okay honey. Just finish your test!
Rolando: (starts taking the test)
12-11-2017: Alexa Hugs Rolando:
Alexa: Rolan!!!!!! (hug)
Rolando: Hey Alex! (hug)
Sam: Give him a kiss.
Alexa: (screaming)
Katie: Alex! What happened!
Alexa: My teacher is gonna get mad.
Katie: Oh god!
12-12-2017: Get out of my sight:
Rolando: Alex!
Alexa: Babe! *kisses you*
Rolando: So, ready for the final exams?
Alexa: Yeah, pretty nervous. (ties my shoe)
Rolando: Only Esteban that he cheats on you?
Alexa: Right.
12-13-2017: Rolando x Oscar x Alex x Katie: Decision:
(Alexa's House: Bedroom)
Alexa: Tomorrow is my anniversary!
Katie: What did he say?
Alexa: He said Yes!
Katie: (squeals) Beautiful Queen Of the Year! (squealing again and clapping) Hashtag Alexa Is sexy!
Alexa: (laugh) Thanks!
Rolando: Thanks Bro, Alexa is my novia. She has the glasses and she has the same dream as me.
Oscar: LexRola. Yes! Bro, You can see her in the class. Gave her a kiss.
Rolando: Bro! Seriously, She's nice.
12-14-2017: Happy anniversary Alex.
Alexa: Happy anniversary! (hug)
Rolando: Thank you (hug)
Period 3 teacher: Rolando, today is your anniversary?
Rolando: Yes, it was our 2nd anniversary.
(all students laughing again)
Esteban: What's going on?
Kari: I think Alex and Rolando are having the anniversary.
Alexa: I love you
Rolando: Love you too!
(Alex and redona are kissing)
12-15-2017: Spending at the Christmas Lunch/Alexa dreams Rolando:
Rolando: How was your Xmas Lunch?
Alexa: Great. (Eats Stuffing)
(Dreaming scene)
Alexa: I love you.
Rolando: Love you always for the dream.
(They kissed, after Esteban got jealous)
12-25-2017: Christmas Party:
(Alexa with her friend Frida spending time at their house for the first time bonding)
Rolando: She's mine right now.
Torres: Yeah you love her. Huh.
Rolando: Yeah, She's with the other girls.
Frida: Congrats on your date without Esteban.
Alexa: Thank you.
Katie: Umm Eve?
Evelyn: Yes?
Katie: I send the video for my sister Katie that Esteban cheated on her.
Evelyn: Oh my god Kat, Alex cheated? It was one month.
Katie: Well Eve, I have the Eggnogs still.
Evelyn: Enjoy your party.
Mom: Alex, How was your Xmas Party?
Alexa: Good.
Alex M: Alexa. This is from Me that I bought with my parents gave it to you.
Alexa: Thanks Alexa Fernanda!
(Alexa opens the present, and she sawed her favorite Shirt)
Alexa: I love it! It was the size medium! Thank you! (hug)
Alex M: You're welcome Alexa!
12-27-2017: Alexa got the left scar:
(Alex wipes her scar removed)
Rolando: You alright Baby?
Alexa: Yeah. You are right.
12-31-2017: New Year's Party:
Alexa E: How was the beer?
Alexa: Good.
Alexa M: Your boyfriend?
Alexa: Yes.
Alexa E: Awww!
Rolando: (hands over your Beer)
Alexa: Where is Dead Esteban?
Carlos C: Alexa, Esteban hates you.
Alexa: So?
(Alexa just went to upstairs to take a selfie again)
01-01-2018: Happy New Year:
All: Happy New Year! (cheering)
01-04-2018: Alex sees Esteban:
Rolando: Let Esteban and Kim go first
Alexa: No.
Rolando: Okay.
01-09-2018: Alexa Playing Piano:
(Alex playing notes)
Rolando: Still watching?
Alex: No
1-10-2018: Alexa still in middle room:
(texts Rolando: I need help, but How do I ended up for the jail purpose?)
(Alexa crying still)
Rolando: Alex, what are you doing here?
Alexa: Crying for no reason. That's why I didn't laughed.
1-11-2018: Alexa Dressed as a City Girl/ Sal's birthday celebration:
Rolando: You are not a city girl, you are just holding a stuffed animal as well.
Alexa: Hahaha Thank you
Rolando: You're welcome
Sal bday clip:
Nicole M: Love your outfit!
Alexa: Thank you.
Nico M: Umm I'm Nico M.
Alexa: Alexandra Redona. But you can call me Alexa or Alex of you like!
Sal: Enjoy my party. (sets the cocktail drinks)
Alexa: Wait, cherry cocktail with whipped cream! Ooh! I love it! (drinks cherry cocktail)
Ana Nicole: So sweet between you and Rolando!
Alexa: Well thanks Ana Nico.
Rolando: Alex.
Alexa: Babe! Umm how's everything my life!
Rolando: Alexa, you are beautiful, so just keep partying!
Alexa: Okay.
(Part 3)

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