Do Not Disturb

2020-04-29 02:15:02 (UTC)

So excited !!!

I just looked through my news feed through google search and their making a FINAL season of Fuller House on June 02nd on Netflix. I knew it wasn't gonna be the final season. I can't wait.

I watched a season 6 Episode 8 of Chicken Girls and Ellie and Robbie broke up all because she kissed another guy when they were just rehearsing a movie/ kissing scene for TK and I was really rooting for them. Also, Rhyme finally stood up for herself near the end of the show. It was so good but heartbreaking at the same time. I loved it. I'm so glad I found this show.

I texted Trent hey but he hasn't responded all day probably because he's so "busy' so, I texted my boyfriend instead.

He responded.

My ear infection seems to be clearing up ever since, I used the ear drops. I'm so happy.

My brother has been wearing this weirdly shaped hat all day that my Grandma had gave to my mother. It came in two colors. Pink and blue and he's wearing pink. I wish he could just take that thing of already. It looks ridiculous on him but he needs it because he hasn't gotten a haircut. He was suppose to get a haircut weeks ago but uncle wasn't their at the time. Yes. He cutts hair.

I really want my hair braided though and that's exactly what I'm gonna do once this is over with. Their saying to open everything back up by next month in the beginning of May. I know I've mentioned this before but its whatever.

I feel like my mother tells Grandma everything way more than me like just then and she literally shut the door and that never happens but I guess that's because it's her daughter and she's her mother but I'm my mother's daughter too. I wanna be in on the juice. But I guess I'm not "grown enough" to listen to the things they're talking about. All in all everyone still treats me like a baby. Even though I'm clearly 21 years old. Or, as they say it I don't "act my age" and sometimes I don't but it's just me being goofy or maybe it has something to do with my height. It always has something to do with my height. It always does. I know it suppose to be a "good thing" but damn. I can't even go to the casino without people asking for my ID every 24/7 every time I come in.

My Grandma asked me what I was writing because I'm writing in my journal but I didn't say anything because...

Why would I tell you ?

Just so you can get mad at me and get all up in your feelings because of something that I wrote that's top SECRET !

No Thank You.

I thought I didn't have anything to write but it didn't hit me till later.

P.S. Just had to go back and change all the spelling errors in my journal entries. I'm not to big on grammar.

Mood : Excited... Finally

- A