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2020-04-28 18:26:16 (UTC)

Finally stopped whining and just did it 🦵

It was hot, it was sweaty, it wasn't as fun as a cold glass of white wine but I did it. Not 1,000 jumps but 1,250 instead. Needed to push myself more. So it's time for a shower. This slimy slug needs it bad. I got two little clips of my jumps. First one was doing some fancy-smancy stuff. The other was just me trying to get to 1,000. Took awhile to warm up but I got it going later. Doesn't show in this but I got 1,250 total.

Whew!!! It's hot. If I didn't have boxer briefs on I bet my boys would be popping outta my shorts it's so fricking hot. Sorry for the bad image but I like to laugh at myself and me being stoooopid. lol

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