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2020-04-28 16:50:38 (UTC)

Feeling feisty 👅

Yup, feeling pretty feisty today. Don't know what or why but man oh man, I'm sort of glad I'm living alone. All I did most of the day was play chat with my friend. Silly stuff but silly adult stuff. Not gonna go into details. Just safe clean fun. I have way too much imagination sometimes. I wish I could use it for more useful writing or purposes but nope, I only use it for perv chatting. lol. I need professional help. haha

Work was a breeze. We had an all staff meeting. All it involved was our top execs praising the staff for their hard work implementing these recent but requests to supplement the covid 19 traffic that was needed or what it caused. Things like unemployment insurance going way up as far as new applicants. It requires a lot more network bandwidth, servers, etc, etc, etc. I personally didn't partake in it. I was left holding the existing infrastructure down while fellow Engineers did their thing. So, I was not in the limelight and that is more than ok with me.

I met the new guy. The guy they hired for the position I didn't even get an interview for. He walked past my cubicle today .( Silent grrr) He said hi. I was cordial and exchanged pleasantries. Biting my tongue as I promised my co-worker I would do. Haha. Still a work in progress but that's ok. I was in a good mood today pre-occupied chatting with my new friend.

After work, got home and set up my stuff for gym class. It was a hot day and the garage was warm. I don't like working out in the heat but I sucked it up and got it done. Felt good to sweat but now I am not wanting to go out there and do my 1,000 rope jumps. So here I am, stalling and messing with my laptop instead until I man up and do it already.

Oh, and last night, I was wrong about the cologne I used. I wore the cologne below. I thought it was too strong but in the morning, I was already warm and was at the point where I was just maybe starting to have a light perspiration. Just a touch. It made the cologne change it's smell and It went from an 8 to a 9.5 out of ten. Smelled so good.

Today is the day I actually wore Hugo Boss Intense. This one smelled nice. I'd rate it a 9 out of 10. I don't know why I don't wear it much but now that I had it on all day, I will. Anyway, it's the one on the left. The one on the right is the one I wore last night.

My friend Jenny did a video conf test with me on Facebook. Didn't even know we had that. I answered and we caught up on a few things and then it was back to taking care of her kiddos. Quick dinner for her then she has a conference call later on tonight. She works for a Corporate IT company and get's paid well. Proud of her.

So now I chatted with my new friend, caught up with some of my other old friends. Now I guess it's time to sweat it out and get my 1,000 rope jumps in. Sigh.... someone send me a chat message so I don't have to go out there again!!! haha. Kidding. I'm good. Ready to rock it. Hey, maybe I'll post a quick vid of me rope jumping or some peeps call it skipping? Slowly putting on shoes and. Then slowly dragging my ass back out there in the host garage.

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