always wth love

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2020-04-28 15:55:05 (UTC)

missin' warmth of somebody (adult content)

April 28, 2020
This entry is a adult content so dont read any further if you are willing to go ahead...must be mature enough to...
Those who stumble upon my dairy please know that these entries in 2012 up to 2018 or maybe even this year is my battle of personal struggle with depression, anxiety and panic attack . (These are my thoughts whats going in my head.) So stop here if you arent comfortable reading this entry!!!
So, I'd just finished my spring semester last week was a busy one and yesterday i was waiting anxious for final grades. Yesterday, I had a fun quarantine bday it was so much laughter and chill, tbh I wasnt sure how to handle my free time for a week before my summer classes start next Monday.
About a week ago, I had another dream of my ex and me...I've been quite a lot those lately, will say this much i felt so damn real, especially how he and i could get so intimate it made hard sometimes now I've been single for a year. Every time i have dreams of him it slips in my mind of memories. I am no longer lookin' for love as my propriety. I know after am full done with college, i take on love.... I will say this dont mine taking on a fling of someone to just have some damn fun.... I do miss the warmth of somebody when it was fall/ winter it was best feeling especially when it came to damn hugs. There's so many things that miss so much... I know just want somebody again but considering this particular time isnt important... I will say that I'll give it another year to seek out someone. I learned in college and my personal life. and given me the strength to be stronger woman...
Weeks prior I had binged watched some shows on Netflix and Hulu and Youtube vids...
The two top obsessed shows are:
Food Wars! and Haikyuu!! (currently watching season1 vol 3) AnimeDao website
So , I'd decide to let you this now, this gonna be last entry for this year... I'll post another hopefully in before my graduation of next year.
Stay safe everyone, always wth love.