London Life
2020-04-28 22:37:19 (UTC)

Police chase, Madeline's boobs

Tues 28/04/2020
Yesterday we'd seen four police cars lined up in our street, dealing with loud music from a house, and this morning from our window we saw four policemen and a WPC chasing a man; they looked as if they were going to catch him. But we still heard loud music from the house later, admittedly in early evening, not late at night.

After warm sunshine ever since the lockdown started, it was cold when we went out today, and had just stopped raining. Jack has become a bit too obsessive about litter, picking up every little bit we saw on our way to the Co-Op this morning.

I did some cooking while Jack spoke to his sisters - Madeline kept tilting her phone so she was showing her boobs rather than her face - then I had a Zoom chat with Vicki, Sally, Jacqui and Fay. I was well prepared this time, and had some subject headings to throw in for when the conversation flagged.

The Prime Minister returned from illness yesterday with his usual unhelpful rhetoric, talking about wrestling the virus to the floor, and saying that the UK "will emerge stronger than ever before". Ever? How does he back up this claim? (It isn't even a claim, just more rhetoric). He even said that other countries will be looking at our "success" - actually a sluggish early response, inadequate PPE, very slow to start testing, hopeless at getting people home from abroad, and generally behind the curve despite having more warning than most countries - on top of the cuts over ten years which have so harmed our infrastructure, and ministers being chosen not on ability, but how staunchly they follow the one true faith.

I bought the sexy velour swimming costume I was looking at yesterday; I'm not expecting to do much swimming in it though. I'm not someone who's going to put on a baggy shirt and elasticated shorts during the lockdown. The more revealing stuff you wear, especially around the middle, the less likely you are to put on weight.