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2020-04-28 12:01:10 (UTC)

Good Morning

Been up since 2am
Worried about Bear, Turkey, Rad.
Used Sheldons phone to message via Snapchat. They haven’t made it, been staying in Motels. So, she has money. Admitted to taking my dishes.
It’s all good.
I ordered 2 new sets, so screw it.

I’m exhausted.

A ton of housework done tho. The place is looking sharp. Back to the normal. Everything in its proper place. Just 2 rooms to go.

Going to attempt to put a twin bed up by this weekend.

I’m going to order a 4 inch gel topper for my California King bed. I’m just not getting enough support with the 14 inch gel mattress. Still get up hurting and in pain.

Just a quick update.
Still no idea on the nightmares I’m having. I don’t remember them just been told that I’m screaming out in my sleep every night the past 4-5 nights.

(Deep sigh)
Back to laundry and catching up on dishes Bear left behind.