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me and my life
2020-04-28 07:42:41 (UTC)

everything will be over now.

Today is 12th day I and Monku hasnt spoken, he has not even called me once, how bad is that? Now dont ask me why dont I call or why dint I call? Because its me who always call him. he has ego issues. and I'm done with this all. I donno if he would call me or not but from my side its finish. I dont think ill be able to carry this ahead. I never thought this will happen so, but i dont want to traumatize myself for the breakup as i believe in god and m sure everything is happening for good. Obviously m sad, i cried but then i feel that why should i for a person who doesn't care abt me. If he calls ill straight away say him that i cant carry this ahead. I made so many compromises, i tolerated so much of his drama, his family's drama and baseless reasons to postponed wedding. I spent more than half lakh on shopping. still he has no audacity to stand up for me or talk for us both, he is still that i cannot talk to my parents that way this way cmon I still stood by him, but now no more.
Reasons are many and i think i should have done this before. anyways better late than never.
I'm cringing in this lock down its testing patience now, its boring to sit home whole day do nothing. i'm also bored of cramped house no privacy no alone time. i feel suffocated sometimes.
anyways god bless us, and let this all get over very soon. I have to start everything my stratch. I feel like m playing ludo and i have to start over again while all are ahead. phewww scary... but ill over come.
good news coming soonnnn....