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2020-04-27 21:28:19 (UTC)

Fun day today 😈

Haha. Good day today. Did my gig at work. La-de-daa. No drama. Couldn't quite focus though. I had an issue. I guess I was pre-occupied with some thoughts. More like some feelings. Guy hornymone feelings. Couldn't shake it off. I mean I did but it would just sort of creep back up on me and I'd have issues that normally would happen in the mornings.

Needless to say, I had to just sit my ass down and stay in my cubicle most of the day. Haha Then of course, I had a friend that wasn't helping me calm the effe down. Just playing around stuff but yeah, Not helping!!!! 😜Got home and was so glad that my gym class was about to start. I managed to get most of my issue at hand taken care of after the workout but not by 100%. Just glad I was hosting a gym session for my friends 1/2 hr after the first class so I got a second workout. It took two workouts but I'm all good now. haha. I tell you. Hard being a dude having two heads competing for big boss.

So I'm hoping now I can just take a shower, have some dinner and veg out on some tv show. Since I gained too much weight, it's gonna be spring salad again topped with some white chicken strips. Not sure if I should have a glass of wine. That brings back the power in my other evil head. Haha. No time to worry about covid for sure. Haircut and hornymones are my top two issues.

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