taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-04-28 02:51:30 (UTC)

sunday drive

had it circled on my calendar. overcast morning, decent temperature, a sunday -- ideal conditions for risking a jaunt outside with small probability of humans. my first (tentative) breaths outside in 39 days. operating assumption still is that cmt and covid would nary make a positive mix. err. negative?

blasted down the o'connor bike lane due north. a lady on a bike at an intersection says "morning", but only after we've passed each other. smart. i say morning back. wow. proceeding further, i snap a couple photos for #content or maybe just to document being outside.

but then it all goes wrong.

the bike lane ends and i have to decide on going under a narrow construction scaffolding fucking thing or hang a right. had it my head to check out sparks st (?) onward. 40 days since ive taken the scooter out and, not gonna lie, there were some feelings of rust, the feeling of the terrain, not as natural as usual. the sidewalk under the scaffolding is a cascade of uneveness. i hit a rut and am jolted into the scaffolding and of course there's a bar of metal at the perfect height to tear off my entire damn fender. that wrenching cracking sound echoing off the downtown corporate monoliths. fucking typical and embarrassing. mostly just an aesthetic break, but maddening and crushing none the less. it just threw off the vibe and my mood for the next *checks watch* 37 hours.

wasn't worth the effort and anxiety. "going outside". pfft. it's for the birds.

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