from my heart
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2020-04-27 23:55:44 (UTC)


7:55 pm

i am having a major migraine right now and its so annoying. i can feel my mindset get more and more negative. i been feeling so ugly lately. my insecurities are constantly on my mind and i cent help but feel as if im really ugly 24/7.

i know its crazy how i can feel so ugly but im feeling so ugly to the point i dont want to talk to anybody kind of. like it makes me kind of disgusted as to why somebody would wanna talk to somebody like me. so disgusting.

i just really hate the lifestyle im living right now. i want to be a better person. the only good thing in my life so far that i have done is cleaning up my room. now everything is clean except myself. i dont even know what im saying lmfao. i feel so tired even though i do nothing productive. ugh. its really hard not to be negative at the moment.

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