London Life
2020-04-27 23:04:10 (UTC)

The Vegan pies and the girls I'm missing

Today we had a purpose at lunchtime - we had to pick up the vegan pies from their little place down a concrete slope behind some house, into a basement which looked more like a prison. Everyone understands each other now - I stand back, the cook comes out of her "cell" and puts the food out, I go and collect the pies. Same as the parcel delivered to our flats which belonged the other side of the road. I buzzed the correct number, and barely needed to tell the lady I'd leave it outside the front door.

Jack had actually told his family yesterday he was going running with me today, so I didn't have to persuade him, he was actually quick to get ready, if not exactly keen. He kept up quite a good pace, we ran to the Square and back, it was 3km so I went and did another 2km while he picked up some more litter. Looking at Strava later, I saw lovely Lena was running near me. I miss her and would so love to have seen her again. She seems to have just started running again. I'll maybe write to her.

I told Laila today that I miss her. I didn't say it was because of her sexy voice and tiny skirts. I did see a girl in our street wearing very short, but also baggy shorts, which showed off quick a lot of her bare bum, looked very cute. I also wrote to work-Emily today, but she didn't respond to my offer to add her to the CA WhatsApp group.

We had a meeting at work about my idea re. wet signatures and forms, but Martine went off on a lengthy sidetrack about whether anyone checked and archived obsolete PDF entries. Yes, I do that! I tried saying, to shut her up.

At our coffee meeting, Neal made insulting remarks about Germans, who's success in combating the virus, he attributed by (supposedly ironically) referencing the Nazi era - which is getting on for a century ago. If there's a Northener cliche to be had, he manages to find it, from beer to rugby league - we talked about Leigh today.

I was in bed before 12. I tried to tell Elina she needs an early night, but she got in first, saying she had planned to be in bed by 12, but now wasn't tired enough.