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2020-04-27 10:19:18 (UTC)

Silly people at work 😠

We had our weekly Network Engineering mtg today. Our super awesome Sup that does the hiring asked a techie question. I was familiar with it and so I gave him the answer. His response? "Oh, I'll go ask so and so instead. He will know what to do". Haha. I raise my brow like Spock and just chuckle at how he just brushed off my answer. He's going to go around in a circle only to discover I was right. Silly silly man. My friend sent me a chat right away and told me she saw what he did to me too. So there, at least I know I'm not in the twilight zone and seeing this for myself. That fucker!!! haha. Sorry, don't mean to swear.

Otherwise, I guess it's ok at work. No projects late or due at the moment. The last minute request for upgrading networks due to Covid 19 has pretty much been met or about all done for now. Network traffic has been slowing down too since not everyone working for the State has a lot to do. Only the Network peeps and the depts that have to report and/or deal with Covid.

Went to Costco nearby for my lunch break. Saw a rare item. TP. I don't need any but I'm sure some of my friends needs some so I bought a pack and I'll find out who needs some and I'll give it to whomever needs it. I bought more spring salad, baby tomatoes, rotisserie chicken, and Truvia for myself. I weighed myself this morning. I'm at a high of near 165 lbs. Not good. Well, more like 164.8 but still... ugh... I doubt I built that much muscle mass that quickly so I can't even bullpoop myself that it's due to muscle building. More likely the lifting of said wine bottles would be more like it.

I'm at work goofing off really. Not much real work being done. In fact, I'm just playing around texting my new friend at the moment.