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2052-01-25 16:07:59 (UTC)

Camila x Sam: Part 1

05/22/2019: Maris X Sam: 1st Meet:
(Maris starts running, and she just fell next to Sam)
Maris: (screaming)
Sammy: I'm so sorry Maris!
Maris: Yeah, fine.
Maris: (opens the door)
Rolando: Maris, what are you doing here?
Maris: Remember you broke up with me, because of my teacher did, and my mom lied to me on Monday. That's enough (slaps) (walks away)
Sammy: Maris! (follows Maris)
Maris: What now Sam? I am your boyfriend. But look, Rolando broke up with me.
Sammy: (hi five, fist bump, abrazo)
Maris: (hi five back, fist bump back, Abrazo back)
(Just Shut Up Clip):
Sammy: Maris!
Maris: Babe! (closes the Bathroom Door) We're locked up!
Sammy: I know. (presses your butt) Just let it slow.
Maris: Okay. (gets my Iphone, and listens to Juicewrld) Now. Why do we have to get this shit kiss?
Sammy: Maris, it's not you. (fixes your pants) I love u.
Maris: Sammy, I love you too. (kisses your lips, and bites your lips)
05/23/2019: The Bathroom:
Teacher: Yes you may
Maris: (Opens the classroom door, saw Sammy) Sammy! (abrazo)
Sammy: Maris. (hugs)
Alan M: Shh!
Maris: Shut up! (scoffs)
Alan M: Sorry
Sammy: ♥♥♥
Maris: ♥♥♥
Sammy: Makeout in the bathroom?
Maris: Yeah.
Teacher: Maris, just go to the bathroom please.
Maris: Okay O!
(Bathroom Kissing 2):
(Sammy and Maris are kissing between the belly, the lips, and the neck)
Sammy: Maris. Thank u for the secret love yesterday.
Maris: Welcome. (kisses your neck)
05/24/2019: Secreto Sammy:
Maris: Rolando! I have to talk to -- (Falls on the mud)
(Rolando runs away)
Jorgi M: (Laughs at Maris)
Maris: Bitch! (kicks Murguia out)
Miranda: Oh my gosh, are you okay?
Maris: Yeah Thanks
Sammy: Miranda, can you just talk to Maris for a second?
Miranda: Sure. (👋)
Maris: 👋
Sammy: (abrazo)
Maris: (abrazo) I just wrote that Esteban cannot come to my bday party, and see?
Sammy: Oh yeah.
Esteban: Maris, why me?
Maris: Te odio Esteban, you are lying
Sam's friends: Ooo!
Maris: See, he's not invited, he's not here
Ale: Calm down Maris, it's fine
Maris: Okay Aldo listen, Esteban is fake!
Sam: Maris Maris!
Maris: Babe. Just fight for you.
Sam: Okay. Esteban, why did you talk to Maris last night? And you see this fucking for the paper that my girlfriend wrote. (borrows Maris' Badass birthday letter)
Maris: Aldo, Where's Katie?
Aldo: Kissing Bryana
Maris: Bryana Anahi. How come?
Aldo: Just listen stud.
05/28/2019: Decision:
Sammy: (opens the box) Maris, read this?
Maris: (letter to Esteban) Dear Esteban, this is your final death to stay away from Sammy, not to call you again on Thursday. Sincerely, Mariestellar. Sam, let's kill him.
Sammy: Okay. (gets the Cutter from the box)
(Maris and Sammy are going to find Esteban's house, and secretly knocked the window out, and walks upstairs to Esteban's room for a reason) (then Esteban tries to murder Maris)
Sammy: Maris! (drops the Box cutter on the floor)
(Esteban just dragged Maris in the closet)
Sammy: Open the door! (Opens the closet) Let's get out of here!
(Sam and Maris are gonna go downstairs, and rushes outside before Esteban 's house bombs and explodes)
05/29/2019: ask a date:
Maris: Look, your tuxedo looks perfect
Sammy: Thank you.
Maris: (kisses your neck slowly)
Sammy: (kisses your neck back)
(Maris and Sam are still kissing carefully, as Sam takes off his tuxedo, and Katie just came home from school, and Kat was going to get Sam)
Sam: Katherine?
Katie: Oh it's just me by the way. I am going to do some of my finals to finish up.
Sam: I thought (puts on the tuxedo on) you came home without me?
Katie: Umm I was walking by myself. Murguia called me.
Sam: Umm do you wanna come with us?
Katie: Umm Sure.
(Murguia and Maris):
Murguia: So, did you ask him out?
Maris: Yeah. Why?
05/30/2019: Finals Part 1:
(students are taking a finals)
(Students are watching the movie)
(phone chimes)
Maris: Sam? You are taking a test?
Sam: I'll call back. Love you
Maris: Love u Bye.
Teacher: Put your phone away please Maris.
Maris: Oh. Sorry. (puts my phone away in my pocket)
05/31/2019: Finals Part 2:
Sam: Grad Nights?
Maris: Torres sent me.
Sam: Great.
Maris: But I need to pack my things first on Wednesday.
Sam: That's good.
06/03/2019: Senior Breakfast:
(Sam and Maris are enjoying the Senior Breakfast Bonding, and danced together, Maris phone chimes)
Maris: I'll be back!
Sam: Wait Maris!
Maris: Hello!
(Katie at home doing her Dishes in the kitchen)
Katie: How was your Dance At school?
(All students are still bonding and dancing)
Maris: What? It's a senior breakfast, I have our food. But my mom sent the video yesterday, and we did our Homework! How come?
(Katie still at home)
Katie: Okay keep dancing!

06/05/2019: Graduation Night Part 1:
(Maris starts running, and rushes the Graduation bus)
Sam: Why are you here?
Maris: Honey, I need to get my Graduation Pass.
Sam: You already have one.
Maris: Oh Okay so sorry
Sam: Now, let's go.
Maris: Okay.

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