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2020-04-27 06:15:45 (UTC)

Monday.....nuff said 😒

Well, for some people, it's like a continuation of the other days in the week. I got friends that can't tell the difference anymore. haha. Don't know if that's a good thing or not. Unfortunately or fortunately, I still can tell the difference in the days. Mondays are usually mixed feelings for me. I have a normal Mon-Fri job with normal business hrs. Sometimes we work weird hrs because the Network can't be down during the day but I try to stay away from those if I can. Life is short and I'd like to enjoy it.

Anyway, on Mondays, my mind is already churning away mentally prepping for this week's work projects. It also seems to be a time to reset to check my self improvements that I can work on and what I did the week before as far as progress or failures. Never stop improving your mind, heart, and soul.

Last week, my friend at work was talking about this dingbat Network Engineer. Yes, she is a dingbat. She shouldn't have passed her probation when she first started working for us. But the silly supervisor that hired her (same one the didn't give me an interview) felt bad and didn't fail her probe. Now she works for us and we just constantly clean up for her messes she creates. I'm drifting huh? Anyway, the point is that during our weekly meetings and when she says stupid thoughtless things, I get on her case because she can cause a lot of damage doing the wrong things in the network. This is how big companies like Sony, Disney, etc, etc get's hacked. I blurt out immediately about the things she is doing or saying wrong and no one else says anything. Finally, my friend a couple weeks ago told me that what I said to her, everyone else felt the same thing but I was the only one saying it. My friend says that while they think it's true, it makes me look bad when I say it. So, there you go. Something I need to do to work on myself. I've been in several meetings with her since and I've been good and not commented although it pains me to do so. So I know I'm still a work in progress regarding this matter but I'm trying.

Otherwise, no major issues to deal with this week. I feel great. I took one day off as far as any workouts yesterday. I know I should so I try to behave and not do any workouts on Sundays. Let the body heal even though I'm itching to work out. I assess myself today which means I'm touching my body parts everywhere to see what part of me hurts. The only things I feel pain at is my muscles in my shoulder blades. I did some foam rolling and yup, it's sore alright. Those Superman/Aquaman exercises really do seem to work. I'm feeling it anyway. I'm attending a gym class today and hosting one 1/2 hr later. I'll get my dopamine and serotonin fix today for sure.
This is what I did instead. It got cold later on when the wind was blowing but it's a 2 person hammock and used ithe extra material to cover up. Just me, my hammock, and Amazon music. Played some old music from a Hawaiian group to bring me back to the islands. It brings me back to the days of going to the beach, nice sunny day in the 80s with tradewinds blowing 10-15 mph. I can almost smell the ocean mist if I close my eyes and recall my days back in Hawaii. Here is the group. I'm sure they aren't around anymore. I couldn't afford to buy a radio, cassette or cd player back in the days so only till I got older was I able to listen to their music but it still sounded nice even though the band was long gone. This is one of many bands in Hawaii that I listened to. None of that Don Ho tourist stuff.

My day yesterday doing a whole lot of nothing 👍

Today, I feel like wearing this cologne. I hate to keep suggesting colognes but I got it and I love it. I try not to use it too often because of the price but whatevs... the world is going to crap anyway (haha. jk) so why not? It smells good too. One of the main ones I'd use when we'd go out on weekends. I somewhat recall this is what I was wearing the last time we went to a winery. So I can give this cologne the credit for the time I met Monique and that pie lady. It was this and not my bubbling personality. haha.

Ok, that's all I got this morning. Actually, I got more but I want to have a second cup of coffee instead and posting on here makes my mind wander around too much and I forget to drink my coffee. I think my past life may have been a dog and I must've lived in the woods and saw too many squirrels. My mind has been flying around lately thinking random things. Nah... I lie. I've been this stupid all my life. Later peeps. Have a nice day.

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