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2020-04-27 14:05:04 (UTC)



Just waking up. Can’t believe I slept 11 hours. Can you say exhaustion? Physically, and emotionally.

Even the cats didn’t wake me.

I’m still upset about my dishes. Ordered new ones, 228$ for a 32 piece set. Insane. New ones are beautiful tho.

Want to finish the kitchen today. The living room and spare bedroom look amazing. I’m impressed I got so much done yesterday.

I’m going to move the exercise bike and yoga ball today. Will start attempting to do those daily. I want to spend at least 15 minutes on each every day.

Talked to BabyFace, guess the place is in Oxford Madison ? Never heard of it.
I was saying all her sisters are moving to Illinois. So maybe between the girls, they would help her figure something out. I told her Bear took my dishes, she knew I bought two sets, one for me, one for Bear. I had 2 witnesses to me buying two sets.
It’s all good tho. I ordered some new better ones. They look like China.

But, I’m needing to work on the kitchen.

I see Indio called but I wasn’t up yet so will message him good morning. Indio just called, said I was screaming out in my sleep again, having bad nightmares. Sad I can’t remember what my nightmares are. Wonder what’s going on. I know I’m exhausted in the mornings lately. So I’m not getting sleep. I knew that’s an issue with the fibromyalgia and narcolepsy, but I’m sure nightmares do the same. Wish I knew what was going on.

But I’m going to turn some tunes on, only thing I hear this morning is the ringing in my ears and the clicking of the clock. Want to finish getting the kitchen done.

Woke up to heart rate of 168, wtf? Very unusual.
Normally it’s 60-80.

But, off to clean