London Life
2020-04-26 08:40:26 (UTC)

Cooking and litter-picking

On Saturday night after my run in the sun I was insatiably thirsty. On Sunday morning I woke at 5:15 needing the toilet, then couldn't ge back to sleep. Elina hadn't even gone to bed yet, we started talking about sponge cake and sport bras. I spent four hours on my phone and didn't even look at any sexy pictures until I ordered a revealing velour swimming costume, and the thought of wearing it started to turn me on. We went litter-picking and tackled the last big bush which we hadn't done yet. It was very sunny as it has been throughout the lockdown. We watched an ITV programme featuring the UK's Top 20 national treasures. I've been to all of them.

I made some onion flan, which usefully used up some J-Rol from the fridge. There was much less onion in it than the 900g suggested, and I used one red and one white onion, as that was what I'd got. The method mentioned putting beans on the flan, though none were listed in the ingredients,so I used a spare tin of belotti beans from the cupboard. Jack said it was nice anyway.