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2020-04-27 02:08:16 (UTC)

What a day

Where do I begin?

Bear, Turkey, Rad left this morning. She took my brand new set of dishes I bought myself. But, I’m the thief?

Did some mega cleaning.
My heavens at the trash that was left here.

Went for a walk alone this afternoon, and Indio calls me as I come back, and asks me to show my arms to him. That, pissed me off. So, there’s mistrust already.
I showed both my arms. But really got under my skin.
Asked if I was upset, I said no.

But will update more tomorrow.
I’m going to bed. Don’t have to lock up, nice and quiet. Ordered new dishes. And will clean the kitchen tomorrow. Only thing left is the spare bathroom, my room and Sheldon’s room, then everything will be cleaned up but the porch.

So, good night.