deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-04-26 18:23:08 (UTC)

Intense Place

I was absolutely in that place of absolute control and thus have to believe karma dropped that connection like the dropped gutter slut you were at that moment. Don’t forget your homework investigation of palace info. M xoxoxo
i have had an extremely crazy week so far Master. Not making excuses, just trying to explain. Ironically it was Tessy that told me You had left a message in the diary for me, and she hoped i wasn't in too much trouble. So do i.
And so i don't overlook Your comment, i very much enjoyed being Your gutter slut :)
i did find time to hang around Cass for a number of hours yesterday. petra visited several times but i didn't speak much with her as i was tending to work issues.
i hope You find a moment to stop in today.
Love, and missing You,