Carrie notes
2020-04-26 22:43:10 (UTC)

Crazy Night

So I go to bed last night and all was quite until about 10:30 pm. Then one of the nieghbor's decides she going to get loud and honk vehicle horns. Some one across the alley said something about calling the cops which she made the comment to I don't fucking care. At which point I said you better care because people are trying to sleep. She flipped me off and took off. Then the cops showed up and I let them in the building.
After the cops showed up the nieghbor started saying I made threatens to kick her ass, which I did not. The cops were eventually called for a second time in less than 2 hours because she kept yelling in the alley and carring on. Of course both times the cops showed up the gal kept insisting they arrest her or give her a situation.

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