Do Not Disturb

2020-04-25 23:52:41 (UTC)


Trent texted me after months of not texting and calling saying that he had a " lot going on" and you know what maybe he did. But that doesn't give him a reason to ghost me and to come back and say he "loves me" and not giving me a reason to. I mean he did but he said that it has somethingnto do with his mom and the whole moving situation. He's moving to Atlanta he says. I said it back but I didn't mean it because I have a boyfriend and I don't wanna hurt his feelings but I'm gonna hurt them even more by telling him a lie that I didn't mean. I shouldn't have answered his calls. I shouldn't have texted him back. But I did. You know its funny. He calls me but my boyfriend only texts me and I haven't heard from him all day...AGAIN!!! The only excuse he'll give me is that he's been asleep all day you know because of his leg and all. I don't know what to believe anymore.

- A

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