London Life
2020-04-26 04:49:02 (UTC)

The long uphill run. Literally, as well as in the virus battle

Finally did Paul's suggested run to Northway Gardens yesterday. I started steadily as I knew it would be uphill on the way. I couldn't get Strava to work at all - though it's been inaccurate lately anyway - and realised too late (on the way back!) that I wasn't wearing proper running shoes. Also forgot to take my headphones, though I'm undecided about whether I prefer to run with artificial sound in my ears or not; it just seems a waste of time not to. I timed the run with a stopwatch and later plotted my route on another app - it came to 19.4 km, which I was pleased about. I probably ran further than that, due to the social distancing and getting a bit lost in the Hampstead woods coming back. I had renewed spurts of energy throughout the run.

I couldn't get onto Simon's Zoom chat in the morning as it had already started and I couldn't find the link, which was a shame as Frances joined. Jack was working at the Nightingale today, but he says he's not going to do it again as he's now too busy at his main job.

I read the Guardian and went on the telly to delete a lot of EFL football programmes, watching bits of them and deciding which to keep. Since the lockdown, when we've been catching up on documentaries, and with my deletions yesterday, we've got the television hard drive down from 89% full, to 58%. I also started to tidy up the main bedroom and shaved my sexual areas, which were starting to get a bit disgusting - I couldn't find any cream though. I didn't have time to do any pictures.

After Jack got back we watched a programme about the 14th century plantagenets in Canterbury, and a sweet one with Tony Robinson about the upper reaches of the Thames. The Virgin broadband didn't work, all day. We'd better be getting a refund for not getting the service we've paid for.

Happily, a planned demonstration against the lockdown at Trafalgar Square was a flop, attracting just seven people. There are still new cases of the virus appearing - 3,583 on the last day for which the figure is available. Despite the lockdown this is only down from 5,903 three weeks earlier. Lockdown restrictions can't be lifted until the number is down to a few hundred, otherwise the testing and tracing system would be overwhelmed. It emerged yesterday that the Government ignored another warning that they were unprepared for a pandemic, in a report in 2018. Boris Johnson has avoided being involved in the recent shambles as he's been ill himself, but he's returning to work on Monday.