Experienced Life
2020-04-25 14:36:55 (UTC)

Enjoying the little things in life 🥳

My orders came in. I ordered 3 more jump ropes and I replaced all the cables on my other jump ropes. The 3 new ones look so cool. One of them wasn't the cheapest but I wanted it.

For some reason, the temperature just jumped up. The highs jumped something like 20 degrees more in just a day or so. I think it's close to 90 degrees right now. I don't like hot sticky weather but I'll make the most of it. Now I can start on my white wine. I can put up my hammock again and enjoy my backyard. Everything is nice and green, flowers are blooming, lemon tree is lemoning :) All good. I'l be back there on my hammock between two humongous tress so I'll be under the shade.

I just have to man up with the jump roping in the garage. No gym session today so I want to crank out 3,000 jumps.
Here is my array of jump ropes.

From left to right. Furthest left was from a boxing club I found on groupon for like a $30 month intro. It was a cool gym but it was just too far away from home. This is before I joined my current gym but the jump rope came with the 30 day intro. The next two I sort of just guessed at and bought from Dick's sporting goods. That's the first time I was shocked that jump ropes cost more than $30 ( Now I find they are even more expensive ones) The third one is the one I use the most. But now the other three will be my tricksies (You can thank Gollum for teaching me that new word) jump ropes. Currently working on learning the side swing jump. Sooo much fun :) I do need to get some cardio in too since I didn't do a class today. So.... I figure 3, 000 jumps outta do the trick.

Then it'll be time to retox and here are some of the chilled white wine that's now in my 2nd fridge that I have all to myself again now that loony-roomie is long gone. hehe. Don't mind the Coors light. That's for my guests. They love that beer and I love that they love that beer because it's cheap as heck. Easy to please my peeps.

Now the the nights are getting longer, I should have enough time to relax on my hammock. I just finished setting it up. I can watch the squirrels running around on the trees once they get used to me hanging around outside. I'll have my Bose speaker with me playing whatever the heck I please with the help of my Amazon music subscription.

So that's my Saturday agenda peeps. I know a lot of people are stressed out about losing their jobs. That can't be helped and I'm sorry for those that are. But if you aren't in that situation and are just going bananas from staying home, then I must say that there are options and you need to find the good in the current situation. Self improvement that we all need should be a prioritiy. Get some cardio in. You don't need all that fancy-smancy gym equipment like some sweetie I know (We won't name names). I mean it'd be fantastic if you did, I myself would love it but a cheap set of jump ropes can do wonders for you I promise.
But if you are going bananas, at least look the part. This is one of my rare pics of my full self from head to toe. 🤪

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