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2020-04-25 22:53:32 (UTC)


My kids are just something else. My daughters. Not my son yet.


Two daughters here visiting with each other, don’t even say hello to me or anything. Go about doing their own thing, as if I’m not alive.

It’s all good.

I know, my house.....
They will be outa here by Monday, and my life will go back to just my son and I. They will come looking for me when they need something. Just how they are.

Hate to burst their bubble, I won’t be jumping anymore.
My soul purpose from here on out is myself and my son till he gets old enough to venture on his own.

I don’t want my daughters at my next wedding if there ever is one.
I don’t want them at my funeral either.
I will make that clear in my will. I’m such a horrible person, they can remember how shitty I am after I’m gone. Won’t change their mind. Nor will I try to.
Everything will go to my son.
Plan and simple.
I will start an account for him, so he has some money set aside.....you know, “my favorite kid” as they call him.

Fever shot up to 102 today. I still managed to get out of bed, take a shower and scrub the bathroom down, including the floor because my son was puking all morning.
So, I’m going to shut my door, put some music on, and rest.

Screw them.