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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2020-04-25 16:50:52 (UTC)

Prioritize your purpose ❤

Listening to: She Keeps Reminding Me - Shawn Hook
Wine, she's spitting out the wine
I forgot you left behind
Our favorite cherry red
Oh, love, I know this isn't love
'Cause I'm still thinking of you
While she's getting undressed
I never should have left
"If you're not using this time to rest, reset and prioritize your purpose and people in your life, you, my friend are wasting an opportunity you may never get again. The world literally stopped and shifted for you to get your shit together. If this is torture for you, find out why"
Good Evening! 🌙

I am writing far earlier than I usually do. It's been a good day even if I did not accomplish much. I worked out for 2.5 hours this morning. I made my bed, cleaned the house, showered, put on makeup, and did my hair. First time for makeup in a week. If I stay in comfies, nothing gets accomplished.I just finished dinner and now will head outside in a few to enjoy a tea and read on my kindle. It's nice and warm today. 15 degrees Celcius. For some that is not very warm but remember, I am Canadian lol.

I watched a few Youtube video's from people I am subscribed to, the ones today were self-help and the other was exercise videos that target certain parts of your body. I killed the workout this morning but I want to target specific areas. I have been doing squats with kettlebells the last week with arm exercises and my inner thighs are killing me today lol. I am trying to target my thighs and arms lately. I love the feeling of the burn.

I had another visit today from a cardinal. Today it was just one but he lingered. He flew directly in front of me and just walked along the ground. Few times stopping to make eye contact before flying off after a few minutes. Oddly enough it was a few minutes after I wrote in my journal and played around with my tarot cards. I truly believe in signs. I truly believe in my quote above. When will we have time like this to ourselves? To focus on ourselves. Yes, the pandemic is huge, devastating, and truly been detrimental to the world but it's also given people time to focus on themselves and their family. Lots of people say there is not enough time in the day to do things for yourself. We have all had time to do just that. As sad of a situation it is, use it to accomplish things you wish to do. Walk out of this pandemic knowing you did not waste that time. Have something to be proud of. Make the best of this unfortunate and sad time. Prioritize your purpose, I am.❤

Tomorrow? Gardening if it does not rain. Going to lay my mulch and pull weeds and trim the bushes in my front garden. I think I will put out the hummingbird feeder too. Tonight? I am going to work on my crafts after I wash the dishes. Speaking of, I will go do that now.

Have a wonderful weekend.❤

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