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2020-04-25 12:52:02 (UTC)

Needs me Back

Saturday 4/25/20

Sheldon woke up puking at 3am with a high fever.
I ended up with a 101.7 fever when I went to bed around 8 something. Fell asleep and didn’t wake up till Sheldon got up puking. Didn’t get to talk to Indio much yesterday. Slept all day.
My throat is killing me. I can barely talk. I was puking yesterday and still have 101.1 fever.

Bear leaves today. Going to miss my grandkids. But she isn’t happy here in Wisconsin. She tried to live out here three times.

I noticed BabyFace didn’t call me last night. Upset with me still....I’m sure.

Indio asked that Sheldon add his number to his phone in case something happens to me he can get in touch with him. Indio also said if things go as he wants them to, he’d like to adopt Sheldon as his own. First time anyone has offered that. Took me by surprise.

We will do our first meet on the weekend of Mother’s Day if Sheldon and I are safe and well and Indio is safe and well. Plan on grilling out. That gives me two weeks to get the place in order and get the spare bedroom ready. Since it’s empty, I’d like to get the room painted, but doubt that’s going to happen. I know for fact, I don’t have the energy physically to do it.

Well well well....

Got a voicemail at 1:30am
“Hey, I just need you back”
Do I dare call? Or leave it as is. My gut tells me to leave it as it is. Nothing will ever change.

I’m sorry, but I was diagnosed BiPolar, and that one has me beat on the BiPolar!! 🤣😂

Just looked too, Limp has till May 6. That will be his next 30 days. I’m sure he will be asking for another 30 days. I’ll be tossing crap by then.

Indio is up. So I’m going to grab more coffee, do the laundry that has puke on it from Sheldon, and go from there.

Till later.....