London Life
2020-04-25 07:11:02 (UTC)

St George and Led Zeppelin

23/04/2020 and 24/04/2020.
By Thursday of this week I was getting a bit bored with the repetitively of this new life. We have got quite a variety of lunchtime walks but it's depressing to read that we will probably have elements of the lockdown all year, and the pubs, restaurants and music venues will be the last to open. I don't think I'll ever want to work from home most days - I actually enjoy the travelling, as well as being surrounded by people at work, but the logic of it from an employers' point of view will now be inescapable.

Or maybe I was just over-tired. I've been getting later and later in stopping reading and going to sleep, and yesterday morning I didn't wake up until nearly 10. I have trouble turning off my light before 12:30, and recently it's got even later. I've thought about just getting up later as there's no reason to get up early, even at weekends, but I'd rather do something in the morning before Jack gets up.

On Thursday we went out to Chalk Farm for lunch, yesterday it was Primrose Hill via Regent's Park, and a disappointing pizza from the vegan Purezza in the evening. I need to weigh myself as it feels as if I'm getting a stomach bulge through eating more than usual.

We had a Zoom meeting with CA people on Thursday which had disappointing conversation pauses. I could have said things to keep it going but I didn't start in the right frame of mind. Unfortunately we get to a stage where no-one is doing much so there isn't much to say. And I've previously been worried about hogging the conversation which made me reticent. I did tell them the truth about St George but without the clarity and confidence I might usually bring. I'm going to come armed with topics to bring up next week, though unfortunately the boring bloke might be there. This time I was with Lauren, Aby, Beth, Caz and another girl, can't remember who.

Watched a good doc about music managers last night covering the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Small Faces, The Who, and Led Zeppelin, all the way to Adele and Justin Beiber.

Jack sorted out my work chair. I'd put the first bit together wrongly. I could hear him messing about with it last night while I was in bed.