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2020-04-24 19:22:36 (UTC)

Busy after work day.

Ok, did the gym class. Had 1/2 an hr to set up for our meetup wine tasting via zoom. Not necessarily wine tasting but as long as you have a drink, you get to chat about your drink, your snacks, and what room you're in. It just ended and now we're doing some karaoke meetup via zoom. Haha. Starts in 6 min. Whew! No time no time. It supposed to be Friday night and we should be kicking back! But no, we got all this social stuff to do. Hard to keep up with these peeps and what's sad is we're doing this via zoom and I'm still having a hard time keeping up with these peeps. lol

All I had to eat was a massive assortment of charcuterie. I'm going to pay the price tomorrow for sure :) But for now it's "Party on Wayne!". Almost time for our karaoke zoom. Oh boy, I'm gonna lose some friends now for sure with my singing!!! Not gonna try Bohemian Rhapsody for sure. Maybe a Neil Diamond song. He was pretty much a monotone singer. I may get away with one of his songs. aka" Love on the rocks"? Haha. Nothing to do with the song at all. Just easy to sing a robot can sing it. :)