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2020-04-24 16:57:37 (UTC)

Back of a Cop Car

I went out for a walk around 7:35 in the morning. I was thinking too much, and needed a bit of mother nature to calm my stress levels. So, I went out. I was out for an hour, and was stopped by a cop. The cop was very kind, but explained to me that passing cars had called because I looked muddy, and suicidal. The muddy part was because I had paint all up and down my arms and legs. I told him I was fine, and just on my way back home from a walk. I explained the paint, and told him about my recent breakup, which was why I was on a walk. He was just going to let me walk home, but another police officer pulled up and said he wasn't comfortable with it. So, the first cop that stopped me, took me home. My parents and I had a laugh about it, and I even showed the police officer my painting. The most exciting thing to happen to me since quarantine.