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2020-04-24 10:44:28 (UTC)



Indio is off at work.
BabyFace calls twice daily now. Said she gets out in 8 days. She wanted me to unblock Barbie, I said no.

Awww Turkey just snuck in here and gave me a hug.

Didn’t sleep well last night. I remember having nightmares, not certain about what tho, remember screaming out, not sure if it was in my head or for real.
Woke up not feeling well. Sick to my stomach, sore throat, and completely exhausted.

BabyFace called, was nice chatting. Hope she gets into a step down program. I think it’s best for her.

Not much planned today other than grabbing sleep when I can. Wish the body pain and exhaustion would go away. I go to do a light stretch and my muscles start pulling, it hurts like all get up.

I plan on running to the store for more water. Will try to fill the empty jugs with well water too while I’m out.

Nothing from Limp. Can’t remember when the 30 days is up, but I’m sure he’s going to expect me to be understanding of his “cancer treatment”, but, I’ve known him 4 years, everything is an excuse....so this will be nothing new.

Indio wants to extend his hand in helping. Makes me uneasy and nervous. Hard to understand. Hard to accept. Not sure how to get my mind around it all. My brain gets in that mode of “prepare for the rerun”.....ya know, how everyone’s been prior, the use things against me, even my own daughter Bear threw up in my face what she’s done.....and I have written a letter to her, and put it in an envelope to hand to her when she leaves here. I will post it after I get it all typed out.


Shower, laundry, and waiting to head to town in an hour or so. That way Sheldon and I have dinner.


Went to the store. Got Sheldon and myself some food and dinner. Bear has been packing. So I’m guessing the rumors are true she’s going back to Illinois. Hope she leaves the deep freezer, she did say she bought it for me, we shall see. Would be a nice mother’s (f_ck y0u) day gift. Since she’s leaving and I’ll never see my grandkids again.

Completely drained. Been super tired and my body pain isn’t getting any better.

No messages from DD2. (Forgot to post yesterday)