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me and my life
2020-04-24 07:28:07 (UTC)

Its gonna end soon...

Today is 9th day of v and I not talking, it was a silly argument and like always he is not even making effort to call me, but like always i'm not going to call him. He is taking me granted. All these days I thought and I see myself as a fool. I made all compromises, sacrifices and all I get is this from him. today i feel very sad. I feel there is no meaning of this relationship where there is no effort to work relationship. Ill see how more day he will not talk, and I think I'm done with this. I don't want to continue that will be better for us. I never expected this relation to work this way.even thought he is stressed and all this behavior is not OK and every time i cannot let go. I have self respect too.
I thought over this alot. I waited for 2 yrs, my shadi shopping is lying there like ajoke, we have fights, lost job, no income, ppl torture stil he doesnt care. what kind of love is this?? and if i call him he will be all cool saying i dnt wanted fight so i dint call. really???? this time he lost me, he will lose me now....
these many days i dint care but today i feel sad also missing him. he is definitely not. i doubt does he even love me. Coz this is not love is. I'm feeling sad for all yrs i invested love in, sad for all worries, sad for everything about this love. I need time.
I am in a very bad phase
Pandemic, no income at all, pregnant sister, no support financial or emotional, dad problem this all is stressfull.... god help