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2020-04-23 21:54:49 (UTC)

Already got a full schedule once this is over 👍

Whew!!! I'm enjoying the quiet time for now. I enjoy it because once this is done, my friends already have major plans to go out. While this is nice being at home working out at my gym online in my garage, it's not the same. When this is over, I'll be back at the gym and there will be many gym peeps coming back. Some of them likes me so hell yeah, why not enjoy the moment? Lots of flirting, lots of friendships. Lots of things happening again in the gym.

My meetup peeps? Lots of camping. Lots of wine tasting. Lots of hikes. Lots of kayak trips. Lots of kayak fishing . All real world stuff happening soon. No more of this virtual pretend crap. I will be out there living life, out in nature, out at wineries, bbqs, picnics, etc, etc. It's so exciting to know that once this is over, I will have all of that!!! Woohoo!!

If you are introverts, sorry. Life may not change for you and maybe it won't be such a bad thing. I understand staying home and stuff and I find nice moments with it. But I'm not that guy. I need to be out and about. Laptop turned off and live out in the real world. None of this virtual pretend stuff. There will be physical contact and communications. I'll get to dress up again and do stupid flirting and just doing my thing. Hell yeah!!! It'll be fun for sure.

Sure, for now.. I have to settle with virtual online zoom or whatever safe communications for now, but once this is over...woohoo!!!! I promise I'll have more cool stuff to post than my soccer ball Wilson. I will be able to live my life outdoors. No more online silliness. It'll be life.... the way is should be lived. I can't wait it sounds so freaking exciting. Love love love life right now. And when summer comes? I got this. I won't be a fatty because i'm hitting the gym 6 times a week and loving it. If you slacked off and ate anything in front of you and not workout. Oh to be you. You can maybe get a participation trophy for surviving this quarantine. haha

This year will be packed with so much fun. This will be the first time I'll hitch my kayak trailer to my new truck. This will be the 2nd time I'll have a date with my date sitting in my new truck. This quarantine helped me save money too. While not the best thing to happen to this world, I have been able to take advantage of the moment and save some money doing it. I'm looking good financially, I am pretty healthy. I still can make love like a tiger. All that has to happen now is for time just to unravel. :) For now, I will have to post my life as it happens to be at the moment. Just don't blink :)