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2020-04-24 13:45:50 (UTC)

I Need Help

My father has been batting at my balcony for quite a long time now, maybe for 2 months? Around that amount of time. The reason is because of birds that keep coming to the balcony and start pooping on our shirts and pants. This made my mother annoyed and my dad could clearly see that. So that's why this happened. It's been going on for an awfully long time already. There is another problem that bothers me A LOT. My mom doesn't get any sleep and always wakes up to either vomit, take medicine or poop. She also wakes up EXTREMELY early in the morning and several times as well. She wakes up at maybe, 12:30pm? She doesn't get enough sleep, she gets dizzy and she doesn't have much energy to do much like she used to when I was 5. I care for my mom a lot, so whoever is reading this, please send me a message(s). And help me with the bird problem as well. Help would be much appreciated. I will tell you all the symptoms of this;
*Body aches
*Watery poop
Well, that's it. This is something that I really need help with, please read...I beg you.