Young Sprout
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2020-04-24 04:50:42 (UTC)

Quarantine Stress

I have felt so tired and unproductive, which I itself sucks. But something feels off, I don't feel like myself and I don't feel right with Rowe, it's like I don't eve trust her but I feel like I need her it's so weird. I have so much to do and I feel so behind. I've lost all the things that keep me going and I'm no longer motivated. I am afraid of what is happening and of how people are reacting and I really hope I can have a normal college experience, if I can't I am worried I will not do well.
My top 5 short terms goals:
1. Work on my split
2. Work on my press handstand
3. Keep up on my work
4. Continue to read and write
5. Do things for me and because I find them fun!
What lie(s) do I tell myself?