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2020-04-24 03:19:10 (UTC)


Desmond Robinson broke up with me. I am rereading his letters to me, he said he loved me. He said he'd love me forever. He said I was the best girl in the world. What changed? He is so academically intelligent. But, he lacks in other areas, such as choosing the right girls to date. He made a mistake in leaving me. I make bad choices, I can be irrational. That is part of being a 14 year old girl. He does the same things. My first love, my first romance, my first kisses, my first hand holder, my first. This is a pain, this hurts. I am hurting. Not to mention he chose the day after my birthday, and 10 days after our 6 month mark to break it off. I feel like Elizabeth Schuyler.