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2020-04-23 16:37:33 (UTC)

Brutal workout today 🤮

Oh man!! Tough one today. We did supersets . No need to get into details on this one. The one brutal workout is called burpees. Many of you already know what they are. Sure, it's easy to do the first 12. But later on, the 30th, 40th, 50th becomes challenging. How to describe this workout? Well, you should youtube it.

But when your muscles are already gasping for oxygen, imagine this. You are in a semi-squat position. Not a bad position at all. Pretty comfy. Then you drop all of a sudden to a quick plank position, do a push up, and just when you finish your pushup feeling a little more relaxed but still in a plank position, you hop quickly in a way to have your feet come forward close to your hands and your hands are still on the ground and oh, don't forget to breath too. Then you get back up hopping so your feet leaves the ground and you stretch your arms up for that extra lift landing back down to that semi-squat position. Whew. done right? Nope. You're now thinking how your arms and shoulders hurt from the pushup, your core still burns from bringing your feet up close to your hands and on top of that, an exhausted but determined hop up into the air and of course, landing softly like a ninja even though your body is telling you to come back down like an out of control scud missile. Meanwhile, you hear the coach telling across the zoom app to go faster, don't give up, jump higher. etc, etc. If there is a station that is not my most favorite, This would be it.

I think the devil invented burpees. Such a cute name too. When I first heard the word burpees, who else can't help but think of a cute little baby being burped. That's how I pictured that word in my brain. That is until the first time we did it at the gym. So yeah, we should ban burpees. haha.
Going to try my 1,000 jumps later but my legs feel like jello now. I was acting all gung-ho too when we were doing front to side jumping jacks by using 5 lb weights. Stupid move on my part. But since I started with it, I had to just keep going.

I chatted with my Superstar friend today to check up on her. I told her about my hair bugging me. She said I should cut it and put lightning bolts on it. Haha. When we'd physically go to the gym, we'd all get together and do a team cheer at the end. If she's there, I'd always pull her ponytail at the end when we do our team cheer. She almost never expect it and we'd always laugh or smile. Well, I told her today that I now respect how she kept her hair nice and long and I know how hard it is to keep now. Haha. I told her next time, instead of yanking on her hair after class, I'll cradle it and brush it for her as I now understand just a little on how hard it is to manage long hair. She laughed and just said I was crazy. Anyway, I checked and still can't make a man bun (Thank god!!) haha.

Almost forgot. When I was done with my workout, I saw something peculiar. I big bumble bee came into the garage. This is where I work out and I leave the garage door open for fresh air while I work out. Funny thing is the bee just kept circling around near me. Not threatening but just buzzing around and a bumble bee makes a big buzzing sound. The color of the bee was nice too. Not black but a nice golden brown color. I never saw a golden bumble bee before. Or at least that's what it looked like. Then I got a weird thought thinking is this someone coming to say hi to me in you know, as a bee but the just passed away or something? So I said hi and smiled at the bee... like a crazy person.

But get this. Earlier today, I was cleaning up my laptop getting rid of old files to clear up my hard drive space. I found an old video of my meetup group camping. We're talking about 80 people here. Well, the video was showing two people in there that have since passed away. I was in the middle of uploading the file right after class to share with my group and didn't think about it till now. I never saw a golden colored bumble bee before. Not yellow, it was golden. Maybe it was yellow but covered in pollen? Dunno but I saw the color as the bee hovered above me.Hmmm. Makes me wonder.

Anyway, I just need to kick back for a bit before I get my 1,000 jumps on my jump ropes in. Funny I look back a couple years ago. I didn't even know how to jump rope.

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