Experienced Life
2020-04-23 06:11:01 (UTC)

Changing of the seasons 🤗

Well, it's happening. It's starting to get warmer. I went to bed commando style last night and didn't wake up freezing my ass off. My Costco portable heater wasn't on only because I was too tired and lazy to do so. Didn't matter, I can tell the season is changing or at least for today, it's getting warmer. A reminder from Mother nature that you are still alive and can make choices in life. Your path has not ended yet.

I'm glad that I wake up and can have that cup of coffee in the morning. I still can't hear a single car in the morning when I awake. Perhaps because I was really tired last night. I didn't want to stay up too late so I took two melatonin pills to get me to sleep at a proper hour. Now I'm having my coffee in bed (being able to put my laptop on my lap) just goofing off surfing the net. Do we even say that still? Is that still even a thing? But yeah, so far so good.

I want to take advantage of work being slow so I want to do some more Palo Alto firewall tutorials. I can chat with my friend Tony. He was one of the three that got the promotion but I like him and he deserves and earned it. Great guy. I'm actually happy for him. Also, another Engineer I heard is low on paper towels at home. I got some to spare so I'll bring some rolls to share.

I didn't plan on hosting any gym sessions today so I'll just attend my normal class and do some jump roping instead. I'll see if I can muster 3,,000 again. I can at least do 1,000 and maybe start learning more jump rope maneuvers or tricks. Not sure what you call them yet. So far, I can sort of somewhat do single foot jumps, boxing jumps, alternate steps, criss cross, side straddle, and trying to learn the side swing for now. So many things to learn and having a blast doing it. But for cardio, I just crank out a few thousand jumps as fast as I can to not prolong the burn. haha. Maybe one day, I'll post a vid of my jumps if I get good enough not to get tangled up too much.

For now, I'm having a blast jumping rope and it's not an expensive workout piece of equipment. Even the non-fancy-smancy ones will do as long and you're jumping around. It's been great for my legs :) I'm happy with them and when the gym was still open, I'd catch some women looking at them when we'd work out side-by-side. I guess it's fair. I've been guilty of looking at some women's butts in their yoga or workout pants. Guilty on multiple accounts when you see someone fit and toned. Can't help it. Must be a DNA thing and I see how hard they worked on getting toned so I'm sure they appreciate me appreciating them. haha. Nah.. I'm just a perv when it comes to that. hehe.

I should do some barbell workouts on my own too. We aren't doing much with weights right now like I said because not many gym members have weights so it's not in the current online gym routine. That's what the gym was for. But I should know better and do it on my own.

I just checked and it's already Thursday? The week is flying by so quickly. Everyone hang tight. Make the most of your situation and find the positives where you can find them. And smile, your brain will unconsciously think it's a happy time and you will feel better. Try it for 15 seconds right now. See? Game changer huh? Worse case is you look like an idiot for 15 seconds. You'll live ;)

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