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2020-04-22 18:15:33 (UTC)

Both gyms completed 😜

Just finished both my gym sessions. I attend and the one that I host too. Both were fun. The one I teach only gets women to attend. Sometimes some guys attend but they do one and they're done never to be seen again. Only Heidi's boyfriend is attending constantly and that's because she is pushy so she makes him attend. He even attends when she can't because she tells him to support Mondo's classes. Haha.

So like I said, they were all women tonight. It was fun and I'm getting to be more relaxed now not fearing them getting hurt due to my hack attempts to be a fitness coach and I tell every new person each and everytime that I'm just a fellow gym peep mimicking what I see and know at the gym so breaking their leg or arm is at their own risk.

So feeling more relaxed, I say stupid things that pop into my head (as usual). We're doing a combo front to reverse lunge all on one leg. They need to keep their backs straight and looking forward while doing so. I don't say it like that because that sounds too boring. Instead, I tell them to not be looking at their feet admiring their toenail polish and to look forward instead. They laugh and It's harder to work out when laughing because at the same time, you need to keep your core tight. Not easy to do when you're giggling and laughing I should know. We used to do that a lot at the gym before Covid. Anyway, one of the ladies, her name is Shanti blurts out "but my toes are looking pretty with the toenail polish I have on:. Later on, we repeat some of the moves. We again do the second round and it's the forward/reverse lunges again. This time I say and remind them to "keep your back straight, all except Shanti, please don't forget to look forward and not at your feet." More laughs. We had a blast today. So when it was over, some of the ladies said it was a quick session this time and it was easy. When in actuality, it still took almost an hr and we didn't do any cool down stretches so it was even longer.

They just don't realize how their mind was occupied and not focused on the burn and pain of the workout. They are starting to get zen on me or something. No one wanted to hang up yet. I suggested a few things they can do. I asked what they'd like to try and talked about the myzone gadget on me and how it helps them out. So we ended up instead of an 55 min zoom session, it ended up being an hr 20 min.

Overall it was a fun day easily shadowing the not so great day at work. I get messages from friends here and there and it's so nice and sweet to receive them. It makes me feel good knowing you aren't forgotten in the quarantine. Biggest question of the day for me? What's for dinner? haha.

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