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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2020-04-22 18:59:22 (UTC)

Right or wrong ❤

Listening to: We Don't Talk Anymore - Samantha Harvey
Don't wanna know
What kind of dress you're wearing tonight
If he's holding onto you so tight
The way I did before
I overdosed
Should've known your love was a game
Now I can't get you out of my brain
Oh, it's such a shame
"Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every day and the rest will fall into place" - Unknown
Good Evening 🌙
It's been a fairly mellow day. I managed a 2-hour work out plus my squats and arm reps a few hours later. I picked up my grocery order this morning. It was so cold early on. By midday, it warmed up to 5 Celcius, not that warm but for Canadians, it's a good thing haha.

I slept well last night, thankfully. I was exhausted. I was not too happy I had to interrupt that sleep early and go get groceries from my pickup time. Next time I will plan it better lol.

I am struggling a bit under quarantine. I have been doing really well. I just have to focus on being productive and doing things during the day instead of doing nothing. That sparks these moods of feeling confined. I really miss my family and friends. Our Premier said we will be this way well into May and possibly longer. It's been 8 weeks already. While we all video chat often. It's just not the same. I need to get out of my head tonight as I am struggling. I know tomorrow will be better. I will make sure of it but for tonight I am allowing myself to feel this. I am very fortunate for all I have. We are all healthy and safe. I have a home, food, love, and family. I am beyond blessed. I think we all have rollercoasters of emotions through this, even the strongest of people. I feel guilty for having these feelings but right or wrong, they are my feelings.

Think I will go lay in bed and watch some tv and soak up puppy cuddles til sleep finds me. Sorry this writing has been so down tonight. It isn't my usual mindset.

Hope everyone is staying safe and connected, goodnight! ❤