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2020-04-22 12:59:50 (UTC)

Flaw in my character 😒

Well, I'm at work. Usual guys here except for one of the bosses that did the interviews. He was here too. In addition, the new guy they hired from the outside was here too. I dunno.... I just couldn't get up and out of my cubicle to say hi to the new guy. Not due to covid-19, but because I was a little bitter and resentful I guess. I won't lie to myself and pretend anything else when it's true. I was upset and apparently I still hold some ill will towards that other supervisor and even this new guy that didn't do anything to me at all.

But screw it. I feel what I feel because that is me. Maybe in time I'll learn and improve on my character to just be a team play and not be upset at that Supervisor that didn't even give me a shot. I know I'm not training this guy at all what I know because again... a flaw in my character. For the moment, he can kiss my character! hahaha!!

Otherwise, glad work is slow. No issues with work. All nice and slow. I got to go to Costco during lunch break and bought the stuff I wanted. Cauliflower rice, already cooked chicken packets for easy salad making. Cat food for my stray cat! sheez. Clorox bleach. Guac chip dips. Big packs of Starbucks coffee grounds are on sale. I have 1 1/2 packs at home but I bought 3 more anyway since it's on sale and who knows how long this quarantine will last? Drano because I used the last of it last week. Vodka because unlike my friend in SA, I can't make my own. A few other things but that was the most important things I needed. No TP or paper towels but I don't need any.

I think it's time to go home early. Need to build my character from today's intro to the new guy they hired. Got gym class at 4:30-5:30 and hosting a gym class today from 6;00-7:00PM for my peeps so I should feel that melancholy state of mind very soon.