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2020-04-21 19:36:35 (UTC)

Today's gym class was too short

Today was an easy everything day. Work was a piece of cake. I saw the Senior Engineer packing some of his stuff. Still sad to think about it. Work was finally slow so I left early. Got home and took a power nap. haha. Got up 1/2 hr before gym started. I almost wasn't going to the normal 4:30 class because I admit, I was still feeling a little groggy. Drank my pre-workout drink, took a quick shower and I wasn't going to go. I was a minute late and I don't like being late. So.. I for sure wasn't going to go. Then the peer pressure. I get a text from my gym peep Judy asking where was I? I'm like huh? You actually check the zoom roster to see who's in class? There were around 80 gym members logged in and you can only see 5 at a time. That's some zoom stalking! haha. Not really. She's actually really nice.

It was an easy gym day. It was the normal Tabata Tuesday. 20 sec on, 10 sec off. No weights so it was pretty easy. We even got done a little early instead of the normal one hr. I still had some zoom zoom left in me after class. I wasn't hosting a gym class tonight so what to do what to do? haha. Nah, I grabbed my jump rope and cranked out a quick 1,000 jumps. When you get a little better at it, 1,000 doesn't take long anymore. Still not satisfied. Still got more zoom zoom. So I had to go through extreme measures. Plan and do some house cleaning. Boom!!! That was all it took. Now I'm tired and I didn't even start cleaning yet. But I may as well clean up the kitchen clutter.......... but later 🤪

I think it's dinner time. Time to pop open a bottle of red and I guess the leftover spaghetti that has been staring at me the last day or so everytime I open the fridge door. I can make some pretty awesome garlic bread with croissants and this special garlic spread I bought awhile back. Yumm. Perfect with a glass or red wine.

That's pretty much it. Drama free day otherwise. Time to make dinner. Later peeps :)

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