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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2020-04-21 17:49:23 (UTC)

Both a blessing and a curse ❤

Listening to: Wait For You - Stone Broken
I'm trying to hold on
I'm looking for somewhere that I belong
Sometimes I think I'm too far gone
I'm trying to get away from here
Go somewhere where the waters clear
With someone who can clear my mind
With someone, I can spend my time
"The ability to read people so well is both a blessing and a curse" ~ Unknown (oh this quote so true)
Good Evening! 🌙
What a day! The weather was insane! Yesterday I was outside in my yard. Today? Half blizzard, half sunny but consistently freezing and very high winds. I did not venture far from home. Not that we are allowed to lol. I managed to take the carload to the shelter with my daughter's help. They were so happy to receive it. She told me donations were so low right now :( That's so sad. I told her I would try to do more soon. Even if I did essentials for them. She has always been so kind. I imagine women who are in such a frightening time, find comfort in her. My senses and intuition on her tell me she's a kind genuine soul. She runs the place. It's usually her I deal with every time I take something in there. I hurried home and jumped back into my cozy clothes.

I slept in this morning. I had another night of tossing and turning and a bunch of dreams I cannot remember. I woke at 6:30 with a bad headache so I took a few Tylenol and laid back down. I woke around 9:30 am and it eased up but it's still there just not as bad. So I took it easy for the remainder of the day. I made a good dinner which turned out really good. Comfort foo felt good on a cold day. I wish I could figure out what is causing my interrupted sleep. It's like my mind won't turn off. That's where I came up with tonight's dinner idea haha. I think the sleep issue is tied into my empathy. It's been in all-time high lately. I did not work out this morning but I did manage to do my daily squats with weights and my arm weights a bit. I keep two in my bedroom beside my bed that I do just randomly, plus all my ones downstairs in my home gym. I am trying to focus on my arms and thighs right now.

I spent some of last night reading about manifestation. I am a huge believer in it. Always have been. I have truly manifested a few things in my life. It (In my belief) is 100% true. What you put out, you receive. Put good vibes out into the universe of what you desire, believe it, live it. It will happen. Anyone who knows me in real life. Know my life's experiences and know the way I am is the polar opposite of how I grew up. I grew up in dysfunction and abuse from those close to me but that said, My Dad was and always will be my hero. His pedestal cannot be high enough in my opinion. When I lost Him, I lost myself. I was in a low place and I had basically just existed but from those ashes. I grew into someone He would be proud of. Someone who lives daily to make Him proud despite HIm not being physically there to see it. I went off-topic, haha, what I am trying to say is, Your life can be what you make it, you can manifest anything if you believe in it. Work towards it.

I know a few empaths and each of them shares my belief in this pandemic is causing a huge rollercoaster of emotions for ourselves. We are absorbing the energies, feelings of others. It's been added reasoning in not venturing out, even for groceries. I have an order to pick up tomorrow. With Empaths it's a really draining time during a pandemic. When times are more like our recently departed normal, this is a manageable situation. Most times I know how to maintain emotional balance but right now it's overwhelming but, one can only do so much. An umbrella helps fend off the rain, but not in an unrelenting torrential downpour like our current situation so it's very important for an empath to practice the social distancing even more so. I have also found writing in my paper journal very helpful. It helps me decipher if the feelings I am feeling are mine or I am absorbing the emotions of others. Spending time alone too, to meditate or do things I find calming, really help.

Well, I ran out of things to say haha. I think I am going to go make myself a tea and cuddle up in bed with my puppy and watch some tv until bedtime.

Goodnight! ❤

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