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2020-04-21 19:14:34 (UTC)

WTF is wrong with me? 😂


Can’t figure out why I’m upset. I shouldn’t be. Why do I allow what he said bother me? Flipping stupid if you ask me. I mean, seriously. I had closed that door, as he stated, 3 times, doesn’t that tell you something?? I was unhappy from the second week, because he said something that hurt. We talked it over, and got past it, but he continued the verbal abuse, putting me down, telling me what’s wrong with me, etc....you don’t do that with a person who’s battling depression and chaos due to family. You’re to be supportive. But he couldn’t be. So I walked away a second time. Then started to build friends, who were side tracking my bad thoughts, and he messaged me a third time asking what to do to fix things, and then chewed me out for not talking to him, so finally decided enough enough. He’s not getting it. The trust CAN NOT be mendable. Just leave me alone. Face it, YOU fucked up, saying what you said, not me. I was SMART and shut that door.
Guess he can’t handle the rejection, so now, he has to go on the beg trip and when I didn’t respond, said F.U. And continue down that road of what a fucked up person I am and there’s no mending anything. Ok, if that makes you feel more of a man, cool, I’m not going to chase him, nor had I the past few weeks since I left there and he put his status to single, from that moment on, we were done. I tried fixing things when I was there, and he was so negative to me I ended up SH so bad I will be scarred forever. Yeah, I will feel and see the marks and remember the hell I went through.

I’m in a better relationship. So move the f on. Leave me alone. I have someone in my life who WANTS to talk to me, tells me he cares, SHOWS he cares by calling, he KNOWS when I’m struggling because he pays attention. That’s what love is. Not telling someone all the time to go away and not talk about things.

Anyway, I’m going to stop. The anger isn’t going away, so going to sleep it off. Will try cleaning up my voicemail box another time. And delete photos another time.

Till later.....