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2020-04-21 14:46:21 (UTC)

Darkness is hitting

Tuesday 4/21/20

Watching “The Listener”.
Ran into town yesterday, Got smokes, lottery, lunch, 1 year on my PO Box.

Indio worked his first day yesterday, and working today. He seems happy. I miss working. Just too damn tired and in pain all the time. Bites.

My daughter Bear still has not spoke a word to me. Gives me this go to hell look.

Got my paperwork for my hearing, it’s in July. 13th.
I need to call attorney’s tomorrow, and HRBlock about my stimulus check.

Guess DD2 got the stuff I sent for Kinleigh, that I had bought before I left. Got up this morning to another crappy text from him, so just put him on block. I can’t even attempt to be friends, he’s too negative. I don’t need nor want that crap in my life. So, he’s been blocked and removed. My heart no longer aches. The disappointment and frustration took over.

Other than that, put the one who sent me the bad message on block as well. No comments, just blocked. Was uncalled for.

Today, I’m going to work on being productive. My goal is to get bedsheets washed, comforters washed, blankets washed, and hang up my clothes. Need to get things all done. I have my Egyptian Cotton sheets in the wash now. Will wash the old set I have on before I box them up.

Indio and I still talk/text/call in between his work. Seems like an observant person, always knows when I need to get things off my mind. It’s nice having someone who cares enough to grab that crow bar and pull things outa my head so I stay safe.

Turkey is covered in some type of rash. Looks gross. Not sure what’s going on. I’m going to miss the heck outa my grandkids. But, they haven’t been in my life much till they moved in. But Bear and I just don’t need to live together. I don’t seem to be able to live with any of my daughters. I’m older, more laid back, like my quiet life, no drama, and I’m OCD so like things a certain way. Just how I am.

But, enough for right now, going to start with my coffee and go from there.

So, I’m wishing everyone a beautiful and blessed Tuesday. I have some slight depression hitting, and fighting back tears I got no idea where they are coming from. Body pain is a 9, depression is a 5, and no SH nor Alcohol desires at the moment. Starting to feel the dark circle surround me, has not sucked me in just yet. I pray, it doesn’t.