2020-04-21 12:12:08 (UTC)

The New QQ Diary

I heard that my mom is trying to get me to keep a Chinese diary, which is annoying. You got that right.
First I tried to register a Sina sccount, but not now, I did not hope that there'll be a phone verification in that account. So I tend to find another website. There was no way for me to put my diary on my blog, so I found Qzone to continue. First I registered a brand-new QQ account with an email address, and a foxmail plus. I invited my mom son she can check my diary, I cannot imagine if she posted some lame comments the the contact zone, but at least I got myself out of the Sina blog. But it's worth a try anyway, I'll check into this.
I wrote my journal and this is great! I like my Qzone. And plus, that's enough for today.