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2020-04-21 00:29:09 (UTC)

I'm so loving the peace at hand 🥰

I'm feeling so mellow. Listening to some oldies. A group called Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks has this voice that is so enchanting it's just unreal. She has so many hits and all available just by me asking Alexa. Not even having to lift a finger. It's hooked up to my speakers and this kickass woofer so I have to keep the volume down to #2 at night out of #10. I think subscribing to Amazon music was one of my best decisions yet this year. No commercials. I used to listen to free Pandora but nope, this to me is much easier since I just use voice commands.

I watched one of my series that I like "Better Caul Saul". I used to be a Breaking Bad fanatic and since that's over, I'll take this. Still great writing so I'm engaged. After that, I didn't feel like watching anything else. I did some research and I know this is funny but when I press pause on my direct TV, it goes into screen savor mode and I actually like the screen savers. They look pretty awesome. All nature stuff. So of course I checked to see if any of my stations from any of my internet services has just landscape pics that toggle on it's own. I did find one station that has no narrative. Just vids of nature and I love it. It does help if you have a bigger tv. Mine is 75" so heck yes I feel the full effect of the landscape. I'm playing the ocean series at the moment and I love it. Puts my good mood into an even better mood.

Here is a sample of the show. It's a vid so it's a motion type landscape like I said but the waves are shown crashing in slow motion. Pretty awesome and it doesn't get tiring. Believe me, I grew up in Hawaii and the ocean is never boring for me to watch. Never hurts when there is a hottie in a bikini on the beach but I don't mind, that's like icing on the cake. I still love the view of nature. I think that's why I fell in love with kayaking.

I finished what's left of the bottle of wine from the night before and didn't want to open a new bottle just yet so I fixed myself a little stronger drink. Vodka and coke zero. I never drink carbonated drinks except for when I do stupid stuff like now. haha. I'm sure I won't feel so melancholy in the morning. Thank goodness for coffee so I'm good.

My friends are already lining up all the stuff we as a group will be doing once we are back out there able to roam the world. That's more than fine with me but this is why I'm enjoying this special time we have. We won't have it like this forever and once your out there in the hustle and bustle world, you may forget to stop and smell the roses.....again. Let's admit it, we may have been there. Too busy to just sit your ass down to see what's in front of you. Enjoy what you got because once this is over, we all will have to work even harder just to get our businesses back up to par. (Switching to Toto now on Alexa) But yeah, once this is over, my friends will have every weekend booked till the end of September.

I can't wait to hit the gym physically again. Right now, we do have online gym classes but everyone is muted. We can text during class but really? The only interaction is that the coach can see you but only he can chat with you so you can't reply except with hand signals on video. If you're texting, that means you aren't working out. I do miss my gym peeps. I miss my old clique. I sort of miss my newer sorta clique at my new gym too.

Ok, finally getting sleepy. Take care peeps.