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2020-04-20 02:36:41 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Grandpa ❤🕊❤

So, we didn't end up doing the balloon release as planned because no one was their to release the balloons with except us four but we did visit his grave. It was a very emotional moment for us and especially for my Grandma.

I saw Brandon coming out of Wal Mart while we were heading towards dollar tree. I texted him but then deleted it because I didn't know if, he was gonna see it or, not and he eventually did. He thought I was still mad at him and yes I'm still a little mad at him. I mean he has a girlfriend and a baby. I told him exactly that and he said how he cared and that he's sorry for hurting me and blah, blah, blah.

My boyfriend dog died early today. He/she got hit today earlier this morning by a UPS truck and I don't think the truck didn't even stop. He was very sad about it and I believe they were very close like me and my dog but I had to give him away even though I didn't want to . But I still keep pictures of him as memories that I may end up printing them out and keeping them and sticking them in my journals as something to keep. But good news, when we move into a house my mother said that we can have a dog then.

We went to visit one of our uncle's because he had just had surgery from being in the hospital but he's home now and no worries I wore my mask the whole time. We all did. He has two great big dogs name Chaco and Daisy. Chaco is a big beautiful husky. I don't know what kind of dog daisy is. She kind of almost looked like a Beagle. I couldn't really tell. Mainly because I was to busy paying attention to how beauriful the husky was with its big blue eyes and I swore it talked back to me.

My skin came off of my feet from the Blister that I had because I was wearing the wrong shoes while we were walking and I was with my dad in Atlanta. And no it didn't hurt when I peeled it off. It was just new skin growing in. It felt weird but in a good way.

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