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2020-04-20 18:02:27 (UTC)

Taking it down to cruising speed 😎

Wow!! Today was just go go go go. Went to work physically this time. Had a late meeting and people just keep yapping and yapping in circles. They want to go into the "Cloud" (Imagine me with my eyes rolling and my two hands up in the air making quotation mark motions with two fingers from each hand) Pffft!!! Come on!!! I needed go get to my gym class. It's like they wanted to hear trumpets blaring to do this migration to AWS cloud (again imagine what I'm doing and I say this because I actually was dong this during the webex. I don't turn my camera on of course). It makes work so much more fun. Anyway, they finally stopped yapping and now we just need to do it.

Got home, barely had enough time to set up gear for my online gym class at 4:30PM. I had to change, put on my myzone gizmo (like a fitbit) and sync it to my phone via bluetooth. Login to zoom with my computer and record the session on my laptop so I can steal (borrow) the workout and present the exact same workout to my friends on zoom for free. Needed my drinks prepped too. Gym peeps add stuff to their drinks and not just water. We add bcaas, glutamine, pre-workout, blah, blah, blah. But it does help for sure. It's jus boring talking about it.

Right after that, I had to prep my workout I'm hosting for today. So I fast forwarded last Saturday's gym class and saved notes for it on Word. Printed it out and I was ready to rock. However, the printer spit out the sheet but it was nearly blank. I think it's because I didn't use the printer in like...forever? haha. So the print head I'm sure is dry. Plan B. Write the notes down instead. I had 2 min to spare and was able to login to host my zoom class.

It's such a blast teaching people how to workout. I'm thinking silly things like "you're actually listening to me?" They don't realize how much we sort of play when we used to go to the gym physically? We laugh so hard it's hard to do the workout because we got the giggles and can't stop. Try doing pushup while you're laughing or when doing chin ups. haha. If you haven't tried, give it a try. Makes it even harder to do.

The workout was a brutal one and I knew my peeps won't be able to finish it in time so I skipped some stuff as the hr was coming to a close. I gave them more rest breaks in between. But yeah, I"m having fun. Less nervous now so my normal self is coming out with my normal silly or stoopid comments.

Time for a shower and dinner. I better cook that steak I have before it goes bad. That's my day. Fun fun fun!! Oh, one little thing that wasn't so fun. They announced the three people that got the promotion. Yeah, that part sucked but then then I heard a drop-the-mike announcement too. Our Senior Engineer, the best of the best took a job with another Dept not at our Data Center. He's in the Architect group and he is the best of the best. He has people supposedly helping him with projects but they are really just riding on his coat tails. I can say thing now, I'm glad I wasn't promoted because now they need to step it up and get the job done. They can't because they'd ride on this Senior Engineer for years. So me and my buddy that didn't get promoted chatted on Skype and we both felt a sigh of relief we didn't get the new position. So somehow someway, it seems like I had a guiding force helping me out. Now that I see the end-game, I am glad I didn't get the promotion. We are in deep doo-doo with this Senior Engineer leaving. But not little old me. I'm in my happy spot. Maybe I'll apply for a job where the Senior Engineer is transferring to. He is my good friend and he can put in a good word for me. So hindsight was fortunate and good to me today :) Happy happy joy joy.